POV Crypto Episode 47 — Blockchain Archeology with David Puell

David Puell (on Twitter) is the Head of Research at Adaptive Capital, a crypto investment fund that specializes in on-chain analysis, in order to guide investment decisions.

Apr 29 · 1 min read

David comes with a background of Forex trading and big data analysis. He discusses different ways to evaluate on-chain data to support investment thesis and decision making.

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Topics of Conversation

  • TA in Crypto vs Other Markets
  • Herd Mentality and “Reflexivity” in Crypto markets
  • Investor sophistication
  • Markets cycles since WWII, crypto relevancy
  • Cross referencing Price, UTXO, and Time
  • Bitcoin valuation with on-chain analysis
  • Eliminated noise in on-chain analysis

David Hoffman

Written by

Ensuring that the decentralized world ahead of us comes in the best form possible. Davida.hoffman@yahoo.com

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