The Gravity of Monetary Maximalism

Gigi, anonymous and prolific Bitcoin thinker and writer, comes to POV Crypto to discuss his latest article, “Bitcoin’s Gravity”.

David Hoffman
Jun 6, 2019 · 2 min read
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In short, Bitcoin’s Gravity is about the pulling force that Bitcoin has to so many different people from so many different populations

Gigi has a

David makes the point that this very really effect is not specific to Bitcoin, but it’s crypto at large that people come to, and Ethereum has the capability to generate much more ‘pull’ through its high expressiveness.

David and Gigi go off to the races with a great debate about Bitcoin vs. Ethereum fundamentals!


  • Bitcoin’s gravitational push and pull of people with different mindsets
  • Bitcoin changes you more than you change it
  • Being a good trader requires understanding Bitcoins value prop, means you need to understand Austrian economics, means you need to understand politics. In Crypto, traders are also politically opinionated!
  • PoW & PoS, Competitive or not?


  • Is Gigi’s article specific to Bitcoin? Or for crypto systems at large?
  • Ethereum allows more expressiveness, and therefore can pull more people
  • Bitcoin is mining, Ethereum is the bond market
  • PoW vs PoS in decentralization
  • Ether’s ICO issuance vs Bitcoins fair mining

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