So, so easy to grab the wrong one at the end of the night. Such a pain in the neck when you do.

TWIL #3: Credit Card Drama and Hack Day Fun

(maybe I should put these in a TWIL collection and start giving them real names….)

It’s almost midnight on Sunday and I’m just getting to this now. It’s been a crazy week of onboarding and hacking followed by a fun weekend of birthday celebrations. Gonna crunch out some bullet points as the fb bday posts start trickling in from the other night owls out there.


  • 🗣Stuff about Amazon Echo. Here and here. Oh, and there’s a fun looking course on udemy that I should take.
  • 👯 Fascinating read on the unit economics of ClassPass (etc) startups. Here.
  • 🎧 Some a16z podcasts on VR/AR. Good chats with Benedict Evans (here) and Chris Dixon (here).


  • 📲 Android Impressions. (drafting)


  • 💻 How to survive (thrive?) at a Yammer Hack Day.
  • 💃The joy of dress up at work… for The Great Hacksby, of course!
  • 🔉How to run a sound board of heckling clips during the Hack Day presentations. Really tricky, actually. Gotta stay sharp and watch for those down beats that need a little sound bite; have the perfect one at your finger tip; and not upstage the hacker or discourage them as they’re just trying to make the dang live demo work.
  • 💯 What Yammer PMs look for in the homework portion of our interviews. Starting to grade those now!
  • 💳 How easy it is to end up with someone else’s Chase Sapphire Rewards card…. Such a popular card, and such subtle type on the name.
  • 💳 What to NOT do if you end up with a stranger’s Chase Sapphire Rewards card. Do not tell Chase that you have “Lost” it, because they cancel it immediately & irrevocably and send you a new one, which you’ll get in a couple days and have to update all your billing methods and Apple pay and gah!
  • 💳 What you SHOULD do if you end up with a strangers Chase Sapphire Rewards card: ask to put it “On hold.” That will protect you from fraudulent charges and give you time to check the restaurant or bar you were at the night before.
  • 📊 The dangers of throwing “segmentation” in to save your A/B test results.
  • ⛹The fun and delight of playing 🏀 on facebook messenger.

(Enjoy this? Check out posts from Week 1 and Week 2 of this series. Read the original inspiration for this series by Diana Kimball. Write your own and tell me about it! 😃)