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  • Be confident in your product or service.
  • Know your ideal customer: industry, location, funding, revenue, company size.
  • Know the person to email — the decision maker.
  • Consider the recipient “special”.
  • The subject line determines the success of your campaign.
  • Give the recipient a little hope and clear benefit in the…

Listen to me talking about basic UX philosophy with some valuable tips to help you build better products and services.

Click the link below and enjoy!


Hello, my name is Artem Kulitski, I am a Freelance UX designer and consultant, and I would like to talk about some basic UX…

The war for people, products, services and a better future!

Our digital world is overloaded with crappy websites, apps, products and services. Some of them start with a good idea but end up with a poor UX, design and implementation. Some of them look cool, but focus on solutions that nobody needs. Most of them are built by guess and…

The app is called Postcard&Tag. It is a travel planning tool for holidays, trips, weekends, and nearby activities.

The first step was creating a User-Centred Design Canvas.

User-Centred Design Canvas for Postcard&Tag app.

The review is based on guerrilla user research as well as best UX practices, principles, heuristics and usability guidelines.

Guerrilla research and testing…

Artem Kulitski

Product and service design consultant. UX leader, mentor, growth hacker. I help founders create products and services that make sense to people and businesses.

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