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  • Be confident in your product or service.
  • Know your ideal customer: industry, location, funding, revenue, company size.
  • Know the person to email — the decision maker.
  • Consider the recipient “special”.
  • The subject line determines the success of your campaign.
  • Give the recipient a little hope and clear benefit in the subject line.
  • Experiment with subject lines. Try questions, add time constraints, include recipient’s name, use numbers, etc.
  • Keep email personal. Address the recipient by name.
  • Avoid sir/madam, to whom it may concern, etc.
  • First sentence is absolutely crucial.
  • Start with a question.
  • Don’t start with an introduction about yourself. People don’t care about you, they care about themselves. …


Artem Kulitski

Product and service design consultant. UX leader, mentor, growth hacker. I help founders create products and services that make sense to people and businesses.

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