I Strongly Believe

Vincent Apunike
3 min readJun 13, 2021


I strongly believe. This title came naturally in a middle of a pen-on-paper writing exercise. I noticed it. I loved how it felt. It said “hi” the way it stood out in the middle of the sentence. My conclusion was that either I needed to believe in something or that I already have something to believe in. The words “On Believe” stood out so much that I contemplated using it as the title of my next fiction manuscript.

Fiction? Non-fiction? A mixture of both? There should be something like that, breaking the fourth wall kinda stuff. My mind works to create new things. Belief comes from within nourished by a positive outlook from experiences, influences, and whatever we choose — dreams. Not the things we see while we sleep, but real-life ambitions.

What’s the other option apart from believing and going to work on it? One of my biggest dreams is to become a published writer regardless of the numerous rejections. They have only fueled the desire to keep pushing. My content gets better each time and my outlook more matured. The lessons I have learned so far tripled my confidence. To believe is a powerful sentiment that makes all the difference. What do you believe in, love? Because I do. Success? It is guaranteed. Life and every gracious thing in it, I suppose.

I have been through some hard times that broke me down, taught me hard lessons about life, and threatened to bury my dreams of writing. By believing in myself, I refused to allow my creative future to be derailed. Everyone has been through a lot. Everyone got a story to tell. If you have clicked to read this you must either be a sure believer or at a point you need some inspiration. As I thank you for checking out my post, I do believe everything will work out for you. I may not be a popular inspirational speaker, but I do believe in myself, my journey, and my role in the betterment of humanity.

I choose to believe that I am a winner. And this proclamation is on belief especially for writers no matter where you are in your journey. There are days you stare at an empty page. With a belief in your creativity, you begin to write. Before you know it, you have something, and that makes you feel happy. That’s the joy of writing. I have novel manuscripts and other writing projects although not published yet, they give me the satisfaction that keeps me going. On belief, hoping one day, my dreams will come true.

Knowing fully well that my first book contract and publishing are near, I work with utmost zeal. Believing gives us that bounce in our steps to carry on. On belief involves attaching meanings to our desires, aspirations, and dreams. This serves as a discipline on the day motivation is quite low.

The thing about believing in yourself is that feeling of action, movement, and convincing push to get past any obstacle. It helps push you through. You win and prosper. Gratitude.

I believe in powerful affirmations which bring about good tidings. Yeah, some days I chug along less inspired. But there is a belief that my miracle could turn up the next day, an hour, a week, a month, or it could happen in a year. So long I keep working on myself. On believe is hard especially when you stay true to yourself. Honestly, that’s the best way to avoid losing yourself.

This is not a how-to article. This is a believe article. You have to embrace this passion I am sharing here today. Don’t know about y’all but my dreams, aspirations, and desires are lofty that I have to associate them with the beautiful positivity of belief and then go to work on them. Enjoying life in the process. I have something on Growth you can check out too.

It’s all about the right time. The future always favors a persistent attitude. Are you young and creative? It’s win time. #onbelieve