WORBLI’s Reserve Block Producers

WORBLI’s Launching 11 x Reserve Block Producers

We’re excited to announce and confirm the Reserve Block Producers who will be working strategically with WORBLI to advance financial services technology and enable a fairer and more distributed global economy.

Block Producers on the WORBLI network are selected quite different to what the EOSIO community is used to. Instead of a voting system, all Block Producers for WORBLI have been selected by the foundation through a diligent process, where all candidates were assessed and interviewed in order to choose the best block producing entities for our network. This process was also required as we will need Block Producers to undergo AML/KYC and security and financial auditing, which isn’t possible with the potential of anonymity in a public voting system.

Some questions we’ve been asked recently about our BP’s:
- “What happens if something goes wrong with one of the top 21 Block Producers?”
- “How will WORBLI expand the ecosystem to include even more Block Producers?”
Well… this is where our Reserve Block Producers come in!

Reserve Block Producers, or RBP’s, have been selected with the same process as our launching 21 Block Producers. Throughout this partnership we will be working closely with our RBP’s to grow our network from a technical, community and development standpoint, as we leverage the extremely talented group that we have selected.

Currently we have 11 RBP’s confirmed. We will update the community in due course should this list expand. Here are our RBP’s on a map:

See the list below of our 11 Reserve Block Producers (in no particular order):
EOS Argentina | EOS Nairobi | ChainRift EOS| EOS Costa Rica | EOS Nation
EOS Titan | EOS Germany | CalEOS | Octagon Labs | Gravity Pool | EOSYS

What a fantastic bunch! RBPs will be required to connect to our test-net with a lightweight node and also contribute to community initiatives, whilst they earn a fixed amount in WBI tokens per month. When the time is appropriate, we will be adding to our top 21 Block Producers from this selection of reserves. RBP’s will then be voted in.

We are very excited to be working with all of our Block Producers (30+), and thank them for their continued and valuable support. Everyone has already made an incredible impact and contribution to the WORBLI ecosystem so far and we are looking forward to delivering best in class products and services in the future!

Finally, take a look at the FULL MAP of our Block Producer Ecosystem. We feel these teams, combining their expertise with WORBLI, are in the prime position to finally make blockchain legit.

To learn more about WORBLI, visit www.worbli.io

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