Coders shouldn’t have to push pixels

Iterate faster and save money by giving more control to content creators

Jul 6, 2017 · 2 min read

If you work with content marketing on the web, in a marketing department or in-house agency, you know that content creation requires different disciplines: artists, photographers, writers, editors. But very often, it falls down on a web developer to to turn the ideas, artwork and writing into a finished piece.

More often than not, there are a lot of iterations before the final version is ready to launch. And in all those iterations, the web developer has to tweak the code. Doesn’t matter if it’s moving boxes around, changing font sizes, changing how images are presented — all of that requires changes in code.

“Moving boxes around, changing font sizes, changing how images are presented — all of that requires changes in code.”

These things that are fast and easy in any design software (such as Photoshop or Sketch) — in code they quickly become repetitive, tedious, and frankly quite unnecessary.

Iteration is the key to a good product. So why not give the creators themselves the power to create, test it, and iterate?

That’s what we did with our customer Polarn O. Pyret. They had a content team of 10+ people (writers, designers, editor) in five countries. Their web campaign “POP Cares” was global and the content was produced in seven languages, for three responsive screen layouts (desktop, tablet, phone).

Their art director started with a design made in Adobe InDesign, but quickly moved the layout into Weld. From there, they could continue designing and adding content, but also preview the content immediately on their computers and phones. They could change the writing, images, typography and layout and update the website with a click.

No web developer was involved in the process, beyond pasting the initial script snippet into the e-commerce platform that they were using (Magento).

An experienced web developer can spend their time much better than moving boxes and changing font sizes. Using Weld for web content frees up web developers to do more meaningful tasks. Moreover, removing a step from the iteration loop makes the iterations quicker and costs less money.

Are you a content creator and want your team to work more efficiently? Get in touch and let us see if Weld can help your team.


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