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She started her day by incinerating her alarm clock with a spell. She cast another to make breakfast, burning a three of spades, and another with a ten of hearts to conjure a cute outfit. The cards burnt themselves in a puff of smoke, and Mars noticed she was almost through this deck, and had no idea what cards she had left. She was getting sloppy.

She checked her phone on the counter and through the cracked screen, saw she had no notifications. No messages, nothing from him. She burned a few more cards making the apartment clean itself and changing her hair color a few times before settling on a ruby red that complimented her outfit and the crusted blood on her boots. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was lanky but sharp in her high-waisted shorts and flowy top, haircut to follow her jawline; right between chic and dangerous. She was also already starting to feel the itch to cast another spell. Problem was she only had one card left. It was a four of diamonds, just strong enough to get across town and get more. …

Immediate reaction to completing the main storyline for ‘The Witcher 3’ by CD Projeckt RED. It might be a bit messy, and I might update it later with further thoughts. Under the writing are some of my favorite screenshots I took during my time in the world. Also: spoiler free? I think.

2.7.16, 2:02 AM 94.5 hours later and it’s finished, the adventure’s over. An ashen-haired woman smiles from underneath a hood as she grasps her shining new blade. “The flash that cuts through darkness, the light that breaks the night.” The music cues and I am told the testaments to choices I made what feels like a life-time ago; credits scroll endlessly and though I can barely understand the very (very) Polish names, I read them all and nod, thanking them silently for their work, their duty, their art. …


Ethan Thibault

Producer, Writer, cranky old man trapped in a twenty-something exoskeleton.

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