Hey there XYO Community,

A powerful update to share with the Community.

The XYO Matrix is no longer confined to Testnet. XYO launched the network publicly back in November 2018, and we have now set our own version block explorer — The Matrix — LIVE on the Ethereum Mainnet. Users wanting to put our XYO network through the paces without putting actual money behind their activities, please continue to use Testnet (Kovan). For those ready to get into actual staking, head to the live network.

There is a bit more to explain, and for those of you better with images…

Hey there XYO Community,

Head of Communications Larry Smalheiser. Lot going on here at XYO on the technical front with us, as you know.

And we’re regularly fielding questions and comments from active and excited Community members who want to better understand more about the technology aspect of things.

In response to our Community, starting this week, we’ll work even harder to make the — sometimes deeply technical — space we live and breathe daily, more accessible to all of you.

On a regular basis, we’ll create new video definitions, overviews and explanations that will help more Community members understand…

Prysmatic Labs, a project we are huge supporters and fans of, was awarded a $100,000 scalability grant for sharding implementation as part of the inaugural class of Ethereum Foundation beneficiaries. The Ethereum project seeks to support useful DApps and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with the goal to empower developers with best-in-class R&D, developer experience, and education.

Prysmatic Labs focuses on building out the first Sharding implementation for the Ethereum geth client called geth-sharding (which powers 60% of Ethereum’s network). This project will be critical to the future of Ethereum’s success, which is currently limited by its network scalability.

In 2013, a groundbreaking cryptographic technology was introduced to the world: a platform called Ethereum. A core component of Ethereum is a concept called a smart contract, which reduces a payment and an agreement into lines of code. Imagine if a contract wasn’t written on a piece of paper and signed by hand, but instead was written in computer code and only executed when certain conditions were met. Smart contracts empower the world with digital transactions that are deterministically executed by decentralized nodes traveling around the globe.

Let us apply this concept to the world of sports wagering. Take for…

The advent of the blockchain has rapidly changed the landscape of the tech industry. In just a few short years, the focus of development has shifted from isolated, siloed, and privatized information systems to decentralized, independent and permissionless ledgers. More recently, the rapid growth of Ethereum has brought smart contracts and DApps to the forefront. Ethereum-based smart contracts give the ability to utilize the blockchain and cryptoeconomic principles across countless industries and implementations. However, we currently don’t have a decentralized and authoritative oracle to determine and verify location. The XYO Network solves this problem by creating a layered location verification…

Smart Contracts, like those used by Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, will fundamentally change the way we interact and do business by streamlining processes, reducing risk, and cutting out middle men. One thing all Smart Contract platforms lack, however, is a definitive way of proving that something or someone was in a given location at a specific time. An authoritative, trustless, and decentralized proof of location oracle is essential for the idea of Smart Contracts to be adopted by the mainstream world.

The XYO Network will be the definitive location oracle because of two core concepts it introduced: Proof of Origin

With the growing presence of connected, location-reliant technologies, our privacy and safety rely heavily on the accuracy and validity of location information. Various attempts have been made to eliminate the need for centralized entities controlling the flow of location data, but every attempt has relied on the integrity of the devices collecting this data in the physical world. We propose a trustless, cryptographic location network using a novel formulation reliant on a chain of zero-knowledge proofs to establish a high degree of data certainty on location information. The XY Oracle Network is an abstraction that enables layered, location verification across…

XY Oracle Network

The world’s first location-based, trustless, decentralized oracle

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