New Release of Profiles for Eclipse

Launch fast and upload more easily

Uploading and sharing profiles

Profiles allows you to upload your Eclipse setups and configurations and easily share them with yourself or colleagues. Your sensitive data (such as passwords) is never uploaded via Profiles, and always stays on your local machine.

The upload itself may have been confusing in the past because the menu labels made it seem like the profile would be instantly shared with others. We have changed the menu labels so that they are more precise. Keep in mind that you can always configure the visibility of your profile and whether or not you would like to share it with others.

There are 3 profile visibility options:

  • Private (default): only you have access to this profile
  • Shared: limited access to accounts you have configured
  • Public: available to everyone

In case you would like to avoid uploading your profile to a server, a couple of weeks ago we introduced a local export and import function for profiles.

Export your profile as a file

  • To export your profile, just start the Eclipse profile you want to share by using the Profiles Launcher
  • Choose “Export Profile” from the Yatta Plug-In menu
  • Choose the location where you want to save your profile, and that’s it!

Install your Profile using an existing file

  • Select “Import New Profile” in the Yatta Plug-In
  • Alternatively, start the Launcher and open the sidemenu (Burger menu)
  • Click “Create Profile”
  • Enter the location of the profile setup file that you would like to install (e.g. by clicking on the folder icon using the filechooser) and click “Next”
  • Make sure that your profile has a meaningful name and that your install directory and workspace are configured correctly
  • Click “Install” to install the profile

Learn more at

Faster startup

Have you been finding that Eclipse is taking longer than usual to start up? We are really sorry for this inconvenience! With this release, we have solved this problem by decreasing the profile startup time in the Launcher by up to 90%!

Enjoy your Eclipse installations with blazing fast startup now.

Other noteworthy changes

  • Profile validation — will ensure a more robust user experience when installing profiles.
  • Local backups — will ensure that we never leave you hanging in case your OS or any other system crashes.

Try it out at or have a look at the latest release.