HMMM #1 Recap

A view of HMMM #1.

HMMM by the numbers

Number of puzzles: 13, counting interludes and the meta

Our favorite answers

Not everyone gets the puzzle right the first time. Here are our favorites.

Sometimes, when teams would get a partial answer, they’d go wild with guesses.
These were not the only two teams to do this…
Some guesses were strangers than others.
Third time’s the charm.
A picture is worth a thousand words (and the back side of a bio review packet).
Turn upside-down for an alternate message.
Languages without alphabets count.

The website

This puzzle hunt featured a website (which may still be accessible here) created from scratch by the great Ricky Shapley one late night. There are a lot of jank parts, but we love it, jank and all.

The postscripts on the homepage of the hunt website.

The puzzles

Each puzzle has its own story, so we’ve documented them in their own posts. I’m including the names of all puzzles below, but only those with hyperlinks have recaps. We left some puzzles out because we plan on using them in future puzzle hunts.

Round 1

Affixation — (8, 71)
A Rose By Any Other Name — (9, 79)
A Strange Path— (10, 101)
Clearly Confused — (11, 25)
In Creasing — (10, 53)
Interlude I* — (6, 7)

Round 2

An Eightfold Path — (2, 10)
Harvey Mudd School of Counting — (3, 11)
In Sum — (10, 19)
Sudowoodo — (9, 11)
Werewolves — (3, 18)
Interlude II (Domain Knowledge) — (1, 1)


Registration — (0, 0)

The hunt

HMMM turned out much more chaotic than the first puzzle hunt we hosted.

Event organizers during HMMM.



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