I’ve been running a secretly skeptical podcast for eight years. Well, we’re getting close to eight years. It’s not out of shame that we’re coy — we often Snopes out a myth and enjoy denying the holy spirit. Skepticism is a passion. The problem is, podcasts have no shortage of (much smarter) voices on the subject. Still, we found our own sneaky way to contribute.

Our show is called Double Feature. It’s about movies. I co-host it with a guy named Michael Koester, who I met at a diner something like ten years ago. We spend an hour a week…

I was the source of the Birthday Massacre bootleg. That’s not really a secret. Far more interesting is what it reminds us about technology.

Back in 2006, I was seeing a band called The Birthday Massacre (TBM) on tour regularly. I mean, like clockwork. A few friends and I would meet all around the world at shows. It was a fascinating group of unemployed/freelance/miscreants. I had a fancy little web company and detested college. I traveled with a mysteriously wealthy girl who sported snakebites. There was an aspiring doctor, a few hot Canadian girls, and this weirdo with a top…

Eric Thirteen

Director DISPOSITION. Exec Producer ANTRUM, 31, DIRECTOR’S CUT. Co-host of http://doublefeature.fm Proponent of spooky LA things. 🖤 Horror. Vegan.

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