Women climbing a corporate ladder
Tawatdchai Muelae | Dreamstime

Diversity. Inclusion. Equal-opportunity hiring. In the past decade, practically every industry has made a conscious effort to hire employees from more diverse backgrounds.

However, diversity hiring is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s great. It gets people — who in the past would have never been given a…

Image of black and bronze letters
Raphael Schaller | Unsplash

Welcome to the age of the internet. Where your greatest moments and accomplishments can live on forever. Where your mistakes can be deleted but never truly erased. Where nothing is ever dead and gone and buried, because it can always be dug up and then shoved back in your face.

Tara Winstead | Pexels

The bells aren’t only ringing in the new year. They are also ringing in the hustle culture propaganda that will be bursting from professional social media. After all, what better time to preach the glorious riches of hustle culture than when everyone is trying to shape and show off their…

Jeff Bezos (Amazon) Space trip
Joe Raedle | Getty Images

Most of us are not strangers to the affronted Mid-life crisis. The stereotypes of middle-aged men buying fast cars they cannot afford and pursuing young pretty women they don’t even want, don’t stray too far from reality.

And now it appears that there is a new midlife crisis trend for…

Simone Biles at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
Simone Biles Tokyo 2020 | Getty Images

It is no surprise that Simone Biles is stealing headlines at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Arguably the Greatest of All Time, the four-time Olympic goal medallist and defending all-around gymnast was one of the faces of this year's Olympics game.

By Day 2 of the games, she rewrote the record…

Woman holding a “Like a Boss” mug
Brooke Lark | Unsplash

I am all for empowering and highlighting successful women and female leaders. However, there is a difference between celebrating the success that these women have achieved, and downplaying their accomplishments with cutesy names.

Leadership roles come with coveted titles. People WANT to be the “boss”. They DREAM of the “CEO”…

Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album cover art
Fearless (Taylor’s version)

Taylor Swift stuck a big fat middle finger up at her haters. Except this time, instead of writing a single song, she released an entire album.

And the album is called “Fearless (Taylor’s Version).”

That’s right. The same “Fearless” that topped the charts in 2008 — “Love Story”, “You Belong…

Deputy Sheriff Jay Baker | Newsweek

There is no doubt that we live in a world where victim-blaming is commonplace. The victims are then targets of sexist, racist, misogynist, or xenophobic abuse. There are some acts so cruel, so violent, so unprovoked that no one can argue where the blame should lie. …

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