The double-edged sword of “diversity hiring” might damage true equality in the long run.

Women climbing a corporate ladder
Women climbing a corporate ladder
Tawatdchai Muelae | Dreamstime

Diversity. Inclusion. Equal-opportunity hiring. In the past decade, practically every industry has made a conscious effort to hire employees from more diverse backgrounds.

However, diversity hiring is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s great. It gets people — who in the past would have never been given a second glance — in the door. But it also puts individuals in a place that they feel like they’re fighting heaven and earth for it to not slam right back into their face.

As a girl in software engineering, a girl who is a varsity athlete, a girl…. period, I am constantly surrounded by people who — to some extent — believe that I have succeeded not because of my skills, but instead because I am a girl. …


Jessica Lim

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