One of my dearest students recently asked me a fundamental question that required a real and honest response. The question was, “Aaravindha, why do you sometimes post statements or writings that might appear political in nature? Isn’t spiritual content a different field altogether?” The most straightforward answer is that everything is spiritual content. But it’s especially relevant to our spiritual paths if what’s occurring around us either affirms or contradicts these following four essential needs: freedom, truthfulness, analytical thinking, and compassion.

It only takes a few minutes online, or when reading a contemporary news source, for a sophisticated or insightful…

It’s impossible to solve the mammoth problems we’re now facing using the same thinking we resorted to when we created them. We need something more. We need a revolution in consciousness.

Superficial responses will only lead to more superficial results. We need the daring, those self-introspective pioneers who’ll courageously risk leaving the herd conformity. Who’ll break free of the demand to serve the prosaic and superficial commandments of a meaningless collective compliance. — And to then, use their found dharma to fearlessly face the frightened masses and the self-proclaimed sentinels of this spirit-stifling new social order.

Our world soul is calling for the sincere advocates for truth, the noble lions to wake and step up. If you hear and comprehend that call, and you are willing to answer it, you’ll be…

Part 2: Series Now Presence

Any true method of meditation requires these key ingredients:

1. Vairagya, — impartiality to thoughts, sensations, or emotions.

2. Viveka, — intuitive discrimination of truth over illusion.

3. Acesta, — effortlessness focus.

4. Vimoksa, — persistent letting go, or release.

5. Utsaha, — fortitude and perseverance.

6. Abhyasa, — ongoing or steady practice.

7. Nirodhyama, — a systematic process of transcendence.

Every meditation requires an object of focus that is used to steady one’s in- ward focus. One of the most common is a mantra, but for the beginner, the easiest first step might be breath awareness. This age-old method…

Now Presence Series Part 1: Vairagya Viveka Nirodhyama

It‘s possible you’ve already heard this said: “BE HERE NOW!” It’s a popular spiritual catchphrase that draws its inspiration from the age-old teachings of the ancient Eastern seers who long ago hoped to pass down the means and techniques for their devotees to attain Sambodhi. Sambodhi is enlightenment, the most mystical and also most sought after state of consciousness on the spiritual path. Finding true presence, the real now, is fundamental to that goal. But what actually is a true now-presence? Could it be as simple as being aware you are here at this moment?

Today numerous teachers continue to…

Not so very long ago, Europe and the most of the West had very little understanding or knowledge about what meditation entails, or how to practice it correctly. But that’s seemingly all changing now; in the US alone almost 32 million people are either regular or part time meditators. Nonetheless, there still seems to be quite a variance in perspective as to what meditation really is, or isn’t. The confusion isn’t just in the Western hemisphere; it’s a very much global issue.

In fact, in both the contemporary East and West the most common ideas about what meditation is are…

Aaravindha Himadra

Aaravindha Himadra is a teacher of consciousness. Aaravindha Himadra is the author of the spiritual bestseller “Immortal Self”.

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