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Abdelrahman Osama
Jun 7, 2017 · 4 min read

I’ve been discussing with many people since yesterday’s post, and I found out some info needs to be clarified.


We will start providing all what’s needed to make a product (service/startup/app/web platform) successful, profitable and growing.

That includes:

  • Business Strategy
  • Branding
  • UX/UI Design
  • Development
  • Social marketing
  • Content: Copywriting, Animation


Business Consultancy/Strategy:

Through my UX Consultancy that I’ve been doing for years now, I always have to start by asking about business: what’s your business goals? what’s your revenue streams or business model in general? What’s the targeted audience and Who’s your competitors?? what’s your competitive edge? I often get unclear, uncertain answers that makes me feel the business goal, plan, model & strategy, needs to be much clearer before starting a product, or if it’s already alive product it’s even more urgent. That’s why I started providing business consultancy starting this year, along with some of my awesome clients I’ve totally transformed business models to a more solid, competitive and scalable models, based on understanding of the market, competitors & customers in the light of the available resources, we even helped out one of our clients negotiating much better investment deals based on it.

Branding Strategy and Design

A brand must reflect your strategy not just be a cool logo, what’s the added value you’re communicating what’s your edge, why customers should come to you instead of competitors how you stand out, what’s your positioning, all this reflect on your name, logo, messaging and overall personality, if a brand is not reflecting your strategy it’s just a cool mark that has nothing to do with who you are, that’s basically the difference between logo and branding, you need a brand not just a logo.

Product Management

Now we got the business strategy right, we know what are our goals and who we are targeting and what’s our edge.

It’s time to start planning the product timeline, the process of design, testing, developing, launching, gathering feedback as insights for design once again in a continuous loop, of improving, adapting to users needs, ideating solutions to challenges, fixing bugs and introducing new features.

Ofcourse the process in the conception/MVP production phase is different than after launch, but the after launch process is really much more important, as after launch if the product didn’t respond to user feedback very quickly you’ll lose your early adapters and that’s very risky, so a month after launch is a very critical stage, and going on from their ofcourse.

UX/UI Design

Ofcourse that will still be our core and it’s the core of any successful product nowadays, design doesn’t end by delivering to developers, actually more design involvement is needed during development than before and more and more needed after launch, as explained earlier.

UX is not just about making a cool app that users will love, yes it is but how is it translated into data, how to measure UX success, UX goal is to achieve user engagement, converting more users to business objectives/CTA’s and having more active users vs inactive, that’s how UX is measured and is the goal of UX, alot will be spent on customers acquisition, the percentage of engaged users, active users is what’s needed or you’ll be spending much on driving users to your product while most of them just bounce back forever with zero revenue gained to you.


YES, we’ll start providing development, all kinds of development needed, Back-End, Front-End, Mobile. Why we take this step? as we’ve seen it a thousand times when we deliver a design and leave developers to apply it, it never come out even close to original design, developers needs to work with designers side by side to get it right. On top of that as mentioned continuous cycle of improvement and innovation will be done that’ll need continuous development side by side to it.

Social marketing and content

To get a perfectly designed/developed product is not enough you need to start driving users mainly from social media to your product, social campaigns also needs content, copywriting, social posts design, animation, we’ll be providing all that.

Also social media helps us communicate more with the users and get more feedback so it’s a two ways channel that’s vital for any product success.

The whole package

So as you can see for a product to be successful it needs the whole package under one roof starting by Business/Branding strategy right to Designing/Developing an added value engaging product to driving users to this product. Which will make revenue per active user and keep the cycle going.

Keep improving UX to increase conversion vs bounce back, improving revenue per active user as much as possible, and scale up in new markets.

For inquiries please contact@simpleia.com or contact through FB Page

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