Because we all know they’re coming….

It’s happened.

Something came up and it completely threw my routine out the window.

My grandmother is making the transition of selling both her houses and moving closer to family, but she needed help. As one of the only members in our family who somewhat makes her own schedule and works from home, it made sense that I was one of the people who helped her pack up her house.

In Nevada. The other side of the country.

This means that all of my scheduled tasks and classes are now three hours earlier than usual and there is absolutely no…

They’ll help you finally stick with those long-term projects.

I’ve tried many times to be a content creator. Had many starts that fizzled out. So many, that I couldn’t list them all for you here.

I’m a chronic idea starter. An ideas generator, if you will.

This year, I’ve found that something has changed. I’ve been able to stick with a project that easily would’ve fallen through as early as last year. I call it my reading project.

In March, I challenged myself to read a book week until I was out of my decade-long (college-induced) reading slump. Since March, I’ve been pretty consistent with that project. …

Pre-made font palettes that will give you one less decision to make.

Last week I wrote this article about choosing your fonts for your author branding kit.

Today, I want to give you some ready-made font palettes for you to use.

All of the fonts mentioned in this article are available to use on Canva. To use, simply create a free account, navigate to the ‘Brand Kit’ area and choose your fonts in the ‘Brand Fonts’ section.

After selecting your fonts in your brand kit in Canva, you’ll find that any time you use Canva your fonts will be ready for you to use at the click of a button in the…

Harsh but sound advice from your target reader.

A few days ago I wrote this post about why writers should be tracking trends on TikTok:

It spurred some interesting conversation in a class that I taught and it got me thinking about the current state of book publishing. Or really, the shift in popularity from traditionally published books to self-published books.

In this conversation and my own research into reading communities, it became clear to me that readers are more open than ever to reading self-published work. It’s writers who give it a bad rep.

Traditional Publishing is Losing Steam

For so long there’s been a stigma about self-publishing. It’s not uncommon for…

How to get 1000 followers on Instagram in a month.

I’ve always been a creator, but up until recently I struggled with how to get others to look at and engage with what I’m creating.

This summer, something clicked.

In March, I started a personal project of reading a book a week. As a result, I got into the various book communities on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. I started to notice that a lot of the content people were creating was very similar to each other.

Everyone was recommending the same books, trying the same challenges, taking similar photos, sharing similar quotes — but that didn’t push people away from…

And how aesthetics are landing self-published books in Barnes and Noble.

A few weeks ago I went into a Barnes and Noble.

Something to know about me: I’m an avid reader. On average, I read a book a week. However, I don’t generally shop at Barnes and Noble. I enjoy the hunt of searching for the next book on my TBR at used bookstores and thrift stores. As a result, I don’t go into book stores that only carry new books.

I noticed something during this spur-of-the-moment trip: there were so many books that I didn’t expect them to carry. Self-published books. Tables full of them.

What got these books into…

An author’s guide to developing a design process.

When I first started teaching writers how to make logos, I struggled with how to bridge the gap between writer and visual artist/designer.

To be honest, the creative process between writing and visual art is not all that different, but the thing that makes it different — the visual part — is a really big difference.

The writers I was working with struggled to visualize what their brand would look like in person. Many had issues picking colors and fonts, let alone designing a logo.

And so, when it came time to teach them how to make a graphic design…

Authors - brand yourself with good font choices!

Writers spend a lot of time reading written words. They spend a lot of time creating written words, too.

But how often do you think about the font you’re using? And it’s effect on your reader?

If we were to think of writing like we do painting, writing is our craft, the paper is our canvas, and the font is our paint.

As a painter, I spend a lot of time thinking about the types of paint I want to use in my pieces. Some are too watery, some are too thick, and some don’t have quite the hue I’m…

Start by adding some color!

The best part about life is color, and I will die on that hill.

I’ve always described myself as an artist first and a writer second, despite working with Ninja Writers. Painting is what made me fall in love with art, art is what made me fall in love with reading, and reading is what made me fall in love with writing.

Because of my background as an artist, I bring an interesting perspective to the writers I talk to. I can so easily see the visual side of everything!

I have a deep understanding of how color works in…

Introducing the Author Branding Challenge.

I heard a bit of wisdom once that stuck with me — don’t ask me where I heard it, please! It’s a pretty popular idea, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve heard it before, too.

You need to dress like the title you want.

Now, it’s easy to think this is all about clothing, but I promise you it isn’t. It’s about how you present yourself and your work to the world. It’s about branding.

It’s about the way you dress, the way you speak, the way you teach, the way you create, what you call yourself, and the…

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