How to Transfer My Reddit Community Points to MetaMask?

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Reddit has had a few issues with their community points such as /r/Cryptocurrency $MOONS being claimed and managed via MetaMask when creating accounts.

So to start you’ll have to create your wallet via the Reddit App. You can find the step-by-step guide for that here:

Once you’ve created your Reddit Vault, you’ll see a section that outlines “Manual Backup” and provides you with 12 random words:

In cryptocurrency, we call those 12 random words a “seed phrase” — they are a set of random words that can be used to regenerate your public and private key pair if you ever lose access to your wallet (or Reddit Vault)

Before you connect your Reddit Vault to MetaMask, make sure you have “claimed” any tokens in the app.

Unclaimed tokens are not yet “on the blockchain” and are not in your wallet address yet. So you will need to claim them first.

Then click on your MetaMask extension and go down to the section that says “Import Account by Seed Phrase

From there, you’ll see a page that will have you write in your 12 words, and set a new password for your MetaMask wallet:

You will now be able to access your Reddit Vault address via MetaMask.

Once you’ve set this up you should be able to go to your community points enabled subreddits such as /r/Cryptocurrency, /r/FortniteBR and /r/EthTrader and on the sidebar you’ll see your wallet address.

For tracking $MOONS or $BRICKS during the beta you’ll need to make sure your MetaMask wallet is set to the Rinkeby network.

Clicking on the settings icon, you should then be able to see a widget that says “Track X in Metamask” clicking this button will add the token information to MetaMask so it shows up in your token list.

If you do not see the token address you’ll also be able to add them manually in MetaMask.

Start by clicking the “hamburger” menu in the top left side of MetaMask:

This will open up your token list.

From there scroll to the bottom and you will see a section that says “Add Token”:

Then you will click on “Custom Token”

You will then have to put in the name, address and decimals for the token you want.

For example /r/Cryptocurrency $MOONS would be:

Token address: 0xd216153c06e857cd7f72665e0af1d7d82172f494

Token Symbol: MOONS

Decimals: 18

(All Ethereum tokens, which Reddit’s tokens are built on, use 18 decimal places)

Once you’ve done this, you’ll now be able to track your tokens in Metamask, as well as send and receive using MetaMask.

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