#2: Solving the Big Bad Government

Aditya Kumar Nayak
May 18, 2016 · 3 min read

What really is the problem with governments? Where does it start? Is there a single point solution? If yes, then where does it lie? The goal of this blog is to trigger a dialogue about the problem. The next post will focus on the current solution that we believe is possible. It is time we start talking about the Big Hairy Problem.

The Problem

Ideally Governments should focus on Development and Growth
while currently our Governments don’t.


Governments need votes to run, votes need appeasement.

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Interestingly, Governments don’t need to appease everyone. To stay in power it takes ~30% votes which forms their core voter bloc. Hence, All it takes is to stay in power is to benefit the core voter bloc even if at the cost of the other 70%.

Unfortunately, it always will be at the cost of the other 70% because governments cant create wealth or create solutions. Instead they can only redistribute wealth. (Every government program sucks in money from one part of the economy through taxes and puts into another. Doesn’t create wealth, but redistributes it. Almost always loosing up most of it because of systematic inefficiencies.)

Remember, governments are driven by policies and policies are driven by political agendas, the rest is all machinery.

Hence, status quo is a problem. We need to enable Governments that put Development first, Appeasement last. Unfortunately, the system is too well oiled to change itself.

Where does the problem start

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The Agenda of the government is decided by the Election promise of its leaders.

What is it going to take to win an election is a simple qualifier for what can be made as an Election Promise.

If any election is not won on development as the primary election agenda, it can not lead to a development first government.

What is that going to take for development first elections?

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  1. Desirability: Are their enough voters available to vote for an Issue first campaign
    Even with the last Modi election and Kejriwal Election were fought on development. Does it prove that a Issue first voter bloc can exist? Yes. Does it exist at the moment? No. Why? Both these elections were won on Waves. Waves are not scalable and are temporary.
  2. Feasibility: Can a local election campaign be driven on a development first agenda
    Simple answer is Yes. The answer lies in how AAP managed its Delhi campaign.
    TLDR; Promise Growth. Break it down into tangible benefits. Localise them in the form of local issues for people to mobilize around them.
  3. Viability: Is it a cost effective election strategy?
    More importantly, is it a cost effective election strategy that is possible with clean money. Vested Money is dirty and tarnishes the intent.
    Simple answer is Yes. The Delhi elections have an answer.
    TLDR; Primarily Digital. Guided by Purpose, Driven by Volunteers.

The Solution

TLDR; A digital platform that can enable governance first leaders to mobilize enough of a voter bloc to win elections on issues.

One such initiative is here: Meri Awaaz Project

Last post #1 : https://medium.com/@adityanayak/the-alternative-secret-gameplan-556cd0250647

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