# 1 : “The Alternative” secret gameplan

The other way to change the world

Mankind has lost its Audacity. We are sitting on unprecedented levels of human capability ($100 trillion of world GDP). Yet, more than half the human race is still struggling for basics. There is so much we can do if human effort were aligned towards constructive goals.

This paradigm exists because:

  1. Our smartest brains are solving trivial problems in 140 characters. Primarily, because shortsightedness is almost encouraged as a means to reduce risks.
  2. We use (almost abuse) the path of technology as a solution too much. Technology brings efficiency (for example a better variety of food crop gives higher yield) but that doesn’t stop the Bengal Famine. The larger problem is of intent and motivation.
    PS: Technology is the enabler. Not the solution.

The time has come to change this. The world needs its problem solver (aka entrepreneurs) to rise and build businesses that solve its most pressing problems at scale. Because, one Elon Musk is not enough.

Milestone 1: Solve the problem of basics by 2075 for India


To ensure that no humans are still fighting for basics by the end of 2075

The starting point:

When men are free and have enough capacity to seek a better life, the problem of basics becomes an operational problem and can be easily solved.

Therefore the solution lies in:

  1. Defending Individual Liberty and hence their ability to trade and seek a better life. 
    Solve bad governments.
  2. Making avenues for wealth creation (aka entrepreneurship) accessible. 
    Entrepreneurship for the masses.

What is the mechanism to get there

The ideal mechanism to deliver such a solution has the following attributes:


  1. High momentum: Scale is vital.
  2. Organic: Referrals are affordable and reflect high utility.
  3. Scale: 663 million lack access to water. The goal should be to hit >80% market penetration.


  1. Sustainable: Cant be a unicorn.
  2. Affordable: There is not enough capital available for large problems at the moment.
  3. High ROI: A few good investments will be a good start to attract future capital.


  1. Collaborative: Involve as many people as possible. Hence, Larger market size.
  2. Nimble and Local: Stay flexible, adapt and localize.
  3. Lean: Needs tight cost control

Hence, here is what we are going to do

new 500 million connected devices at the bottom of the pyramid

Building high growth Businesses that solve the problem of basics at scale through innovation.

The Model

  1. Build: Identify the largest problem solvable at the moment, open source the process of creating a business around it.
  2. Deploy: Fund and support entrepreneurs to pilot the solution in one part of the world.
  3. Scale: Open source the business model and let entrepreneurs from different parts of the world adapt it in their areas.

Action Plan (where do we start)

Step 1: Bad intent governments (Meri Awaaz Project)
Solve Governance delivery first. Policy participation next.

There’s a crisis in the business model of politics today (Step 1) & thus in the political economy of the media (Step 3). ~Siddharth Varadarajan
  1. Break the politicians’ monopoly on last mile governance access (Read: Raghuram Rajan explains why corrupt politicians win elections in India)

2. Link the model to elections and enable governance first politicians to win.

3. Open source the business and enable change makers from all over the world to replicate the model. Scale.

Step 2: Entrepreneurship for masses

Make people self reliant outside of govt handouts. Every new human that discovers their potential for wealth creation is a change maker and each new enterprise is the modern equivalent of Gandhi’s Charkha.

It took the man Gandhi to free up 1/3rd of the worlds human potential in the last century. It will take the other Gandhi on the in your pocket to make it 10x. It should be glorious to be rich and to create wealth.

One idea on the table is Micro Startups.

  1. Enable people to create wealth at the bottom of the pyramid
  2. Micro enterprises that are high on innovation and hence margins.
  3. Crowdfunded (invested) by local communities
  4. Driven by local entrepreneurs
  5. Geared for stability and profit

We are not done yet. Time to cement the gains and grow.

Time to strengthen the other pillars of our society.

Step 3: Remove Corruption from media

There’s a crisis in the political economy of the media and their current business models are up for disruptions.

Potential approach:

Reduce the cost of reporting using a snapchat like tamperproof video camera app for the masses: Disrupt it with the power of a billion smartphones.

Use the revenue from the first company to invest in this.

Step 4: Setup fund to invest in entrepreneurs solving large problems

Step 5: Education: Knowledge is power. Education should be accessible, affordable and viable.

Step 6: Reduce friction in capital allocation: Lets free up the capital of the world and invest it in innovation.


One Elon Musk can solve more problems than all bureaucrats (playing god with their policy politics) put together. What if were 100K of such entrepreneurs living at the same time and solving world’s largest problems.


The time is now and Change has already begun.

When YOU think big; about big problems facing humanity today, “The Alternative” is Born. You are the alternative. We are the Alternative. Welcome.

“The Alternative” is a group of entrepreneurs works to solve the worlds largest problems possible today.

It is time.

Current Status

At Step 1.

Built the solution (checkout meri awaaz). Now scaling it. More details in upcoming posts.


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