Day #5 — You Are in Control

This is a LIVE case study where I am documenting my journey to becoming a highly paid marketing consultant by blogging everyday for 50 consecutive days. It’s called “50 Days to Freedom: My Journey to 5 Figures in 50 Days“. At the end of the post, you will find links to all the previous days.

Yes, you…

Yesterday, in Facebook group I am a part of, a guy was complaining of “burnout from Facebook”.

I commented on it, and people seemed to enjoy what I wrote, so wanted to share it here...

“Here’s what’s really cool about Facebook…
YOU control who you follow…
YOU control who you’re connected with…
YOU control what you see…
-If you’re not happy with it, make some changes. 
-Unfollow pages that you’re not interested anymore.
-Unfriend the “negative Nancy’s”
-Unfriend people who bother you
My timeline is filled with some pretty badass people who inspire the Hell out of me.”

You can pretty much control what you see/don’t see here on FB. There simply is no reason to complain about it.

Surround yourself with people who inspire/motivate you, and you’ll want up level your life.

Day #5 Breakdown

Today, I didn’t email anyone. I was having some issues with the scraper and didn’t have anyone to email.

Ava also had a field trip to the fire station, so I was busy with that as well. Here are the three of us (Ashton, myself & Ava)

Fridays can be tough to get work done around this house. No excuses though, as I need to maximize everyday I can.

Day #5 Numbers

Emails Sent: 0

Sales Calls: 0

Facebook Posts: 4

Leads Generated: 0

Revenue Generated: $0

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Last, but certainly not least: Thank you so much for reading, it means more than you know!

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