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By now, you should have an SEO ready website (read the previous post here) and now we look at the 4th and final stage of SEO work that you can do to help boost your ranking. External SEO work gives you the edge over any competitors who could essentially just copy the work that you do. The best about getting External SEO is that that there is no limit to the kind of work you can do and leave your competitors miles behind. …

Ultimate Guide to Tours and Activity SEO — Part 3/4 — Getting your website SEO ready

Now that we have gone through the common terminologies of SEO (Part 1 of the blog series) and understood keywords (Part 2 of the blog series), we move on to the most important part of SEO, getting your website SEO ready. In this edition of the Ultimate Guide to Tours and Activities — Getting your website SEO ready we cover:

  1. Optimising Keywords and where to place them.
  2. Improving SEO with more pages.
  3. How to add Keywords.
  4. How to migrate to an SEO friendly website service.
  5. Adding your pages to search engines like Google.
  6. Monitoring the keywords and their performance.

SEO is like fishing in the water. Your SEO is the net with which you catch your fish.

We checked out the terminologies of SEO in our previous post (in case you missed it, you can check it out here) In this part, we check out how to master keywords for activities and some of the common questions people have about keywords. This will also help us to understand these aspects of SEO and get ready for the 3rd stage of implementing SEO.

Ultimate Guide to Tours and Activity SEO — Mastering Keywords for Activities:

Have you ever sat by the water, watching the fishermen work on a net to make it perfect to catch some fish? The repetitive process of removing the nets, repairing worn-out strands of nylon, clearing all lines, is almost meditative.

Well, SEO is something akin to fishing! Imagine the Internet is a whole big ocean, the fish — your customers. There are a whole lot of fishermen — your competition, vying for the same fish you are. A big differentiating factor in this scenario becomes the kind of net the fishermen are using to catch the fish, and in this…

For the longest time in the travel industry, everyone has spoken about how the systems and the processes used in the industry, need to be updated and brought out into the new tech world. On a global level, right from the small issues of bookings and payments and customer communication to the bigger ones — safety, quality, are spoken of with the future in mind — as something that will get better in due course of time.

Well, the future is here.

(Re)Introducing Advensure!

Advensure is a software for tour and travel operators to sell and manage their travel business. It is the cheapest and…

Advensure launches a SaaS portal for Travel Operators to manage their business and get online and offline bookings.

The marketplace will now allow Operators to independently create accounts and get a custom domain, with complete business management tools.

Advensure is an online Adventure Sports marketplace that serves as a listing portal for Operators and an information and booking portal for clients looking to book activities. The company, which until now only allowed activities to be submitted for listing, has now launched a CRM for the Operators.

This means that Operators can now add new activities, add the dates and various…

Advensure is a marketplace for adventure sports!

The reason why I spell out our core description is that there are a couple of things unique in that. Being a marketplace, our target audiences are vast. They need to be vast in order for us to grow our business. Secondly, it is a marketplace for adventure sports — the core target user for which is niche. Being bootstrapped, there was very little we could do in terms of advertising or getting press so our marketing approach has always been lean.

We have focused on our social media interactions and email marketing…

Third in the series of articles on how Advensure set up the 3rd party softwares for its internal processes on a bootstrapped budget.

The next step in our building block for Advensure was to get adventure sports operators on board to list their activities on the marketplace.

Since getting and servicing these operators was and still remains our primary focus, we had to spend a considerable amount of time getting things right. …

The very first thing we looked at while starting our work on Advensure was the selection of our productivity tools. In the chain of the hierarchy of work and processes, selecting your productivity tools and setting measurement and reporting systems for the same is an important foundation for entire “building” that you construct that on.

Even though it was just 2 of us at the very start working out of my place, which made making to-do lists, communicating and tracking our progress quite simple, we still focused on finding tools that would help us do this, now and at scale…

Advensure’s story of the various softwares and tech stack we, as a bootstrapped startup, use to set our processes, keeping the cost below Rs. 5000.

Advensure is a bootstrapped startup. Naturally, keeping costs low has been a conscious objective for us from the day we started working on our company. In the period of progressing our company and our product forward, we have learned and discovered a lot of things, either by research or by making mistakes.

For all the brave souls out there working on ideas and products, building companies and startups, the biggest point of focus, in my opinion, has to be the processes and structures one creates. …

Manan Vora

Enthusiastic adventure enthusiast. CEO and founder at Advensure.

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