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In celebration of a new year

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Prompt: Create a poem from the titles and lyrics of your top songs.

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I’m running but I pause to put on the extra layer that I brought because I thought I’d be calling my friend.

It’s 12:35PM.

“Same time tomorrow,” we’d said.

She wants someone who understands her. It’s a confusing time.

I call her.

No response.

“Sorry, my mom just called,” she texts.

I breathe and my eyes are rolling before I can stop them.

That was my boyfriend’s excuse. Ex.

From “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple” by Seth J. Gillihan, PhD

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Ok wow, I sat down to read this book and thought, I’ll take it one chapter at a time, maybe finish in a few days.

5 hours later… I’m sitting there hugging this book to my chest.

Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite book —a definite keeper though it’s from the library (don’t worry, I will return it eventually):

As I was reading, I reflected back on a time in my life when I sought out therapy. It was a long time ago, and I didn’t really know what specific type it was… until this book. …

Based on “Messengers” by Stephen Martin and Joseph Marks

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It was very immersive to read Messengers: Who We Listen To, Who We Don’t, and Why, by Stephen Martin and Joseph Marks. Personally, I want to be heard and trusted. Socially, I’m curious why some people are heard and trusted more than others and which traits might explain the difference.

Turns out fame is actually one of them, in the form of status. Messengers covers 8 traits of powerful messengers, including hard traits like dominance, competence, status, and attractiveness; and soft traits like vulnerability, trustworthiness, warmth, and charisma. …

Top 15 Takeaways from Each Collection

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Emotional Intelligence

One time, I was giving a presentation to my supervisor and our boss. To start out, I was unprepared and off-kilter. I hastily put together slides that I thought I’d have more time to work on because the real presentation was days away.

Our boss kept interrupting me and asking tough questions and I fumbled through them. By the end of the presentation, just after she left, I collapsed into my chair.

“Don’t worry, she usually asks hard questions,” my supervisor said. This was a normal procedure: a cross-examination in preparation for the real thing.

I nodded and shook my head, unable to speak. …

Based on “Simple Rules” by Donald Sull and Kathleen M. Eisenhardt

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My inspiration for this article is the book, Simple Rules by Donald Sull and Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, and a virtual webinar about ‘rule-following’ people.

The presentation touched upon how people who appear too perfect are demeaned. No one wants to feel less than just because somebody is more than. Thus, it’s a common reaction by the general public to ignore or downplay environmental advocates whose practices are too extreme to follow:

From the Guide by Eddie Moore Jr., Ali Michael, and Marguerite W. Penick-Parks

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#1. No Islanders

#2. Spread Positive Associations

#3. Value the Unpaid Work of Black Administrators

#4. Push for Black Excellence

Highlight Feature with Neil Chavan

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Here are notes and quotes from my conversation with business strategy consultant, Neil Chavan, who has been working at Newry Corps in Cleveland, Ohio for 13 months and recently got appointed to the Lakewood Community Relations Advisory Commission in Lakewood, Ohio… just by asking around and expressing interest in public service.

It’s a 25 minute episode — concise, and worth a listen if you have the time!

(1:54) About non-profit grant-writing work at the Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN)

From Kathy Freston’s “Quantum Wellness”

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I picked up Kathy Freston’s Quantum Wellness: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness (2008) from a little free library. From it, I gathered the following 6 tips for improving your health and spirit.

In Quantum Wellness, Kathy Freston opens up about breaking out of cigarette addiction and pursuing a fulfilling pivot from modeling to career coaching. She shares (more than these 6) great ideas for revamping your life to get well on three levels: mental, physical, and spiritual. At the end, she includes vegan recipes and a vegan grocery shopping list. …

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