CryptoBonusMiles giveaway invitation and registration for guaranteed airdrop for ARN token holders
Oct 16, 2018 · 4 min read
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To celebrate the upcoming CryptoBonusMiles Alpha release, the team has announced a CBM airdrop for Aeron (ARN) token holders, along with a giveaway for community members to spread the word.

CryptoBonusMiles is a universal bonus miles platform with loyalty multi-wallet, to be launched by Aeron later this year. There will be 250 winners in the lucky draw who will get 5.000 (five thousand) CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) per winner.

Register for the airdrop and join the lucky draw by following the link below. Registration is combined, even if you don’t wish to participate in the lucky draw you should still register by following the link below and submit your ARN wallet address to receive guaranteed airdrop:

CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) airdrop for ARN token holders will be distributed ONLY to the ARN wallet addresses submitted during lucky draw registration. ARN token balance in your wallet at snapshot date (November 30th 23:59 UTC) should NOT be less than 100 ARN to receive 1:1 CBM airdrop and maximum airdrop is limited to 500.000 (five hundred thousand) CBM per wallet. Exchange pool wallets are not supported. ARN tokens should be located in your standalone wallet at the snapshot date, where you possess the private keys.

You may check your ARN balance at our web-site or using Rewards for lucky draw winners will be distributed to their wallets and added to CBM airdrop tokens (if eligible to receive an airdrop).

1:1 CBM airdrop tokens quantity will be calculated based on value of ARN at snapshot date (November 30th 23:59 UTC). For avoidance of doubt, the airdrop is 1:1 by value, not by quantity, assuming CBM nominal price at 0.02 USD (2 US cents).

As example, ARN token price at snapshot date is exactly 1 USD. You hold 200 ARN in your wallet. You will be eligible to receive the CBM airdrop calculated as 1 USD / 0.02 USD x 200 ARN = 10.000 CBM.

Lucky draw process and steps to get the entries:

1. Follow us on Twitter to enroll.

2. Once you have submitted a valid Twitter name, you’ve entered once.

3. Don’t stop there! You can multiply your chances to win by retweeting or using hashtag #ARN on Twitter.

4. Get as many entries as you wish by clicking the “refer friends” button to get your referral link. Each person who enters with your link will earn you an additional entry!

5. Join our Telegram channel

6. Follow us on Medium

7. Visit on Instagram

Lucky draw rules:

* click the link provided above, then register and follow the steps.
* please refrain from posting your referral link in the Aeron telegram channel.
* users must remain following Aeron Twitter/Medium/Instagram for the entire duration of the promotion to be eligible for the draw and to receive the prize.
* the promotion will run for 1 month until November 30, 2018.

Frequently asked questions about CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) airdrop:

1. What is CryptoBonusMiles?

Please check out these articles for comprehensive introduction:

2. What is the CBM utility and value?

CBM can he exchanged for discounts or gift vouchers on CryptoBonusMiles platform. There will be a CBM shopping/travel section for this purpose. So it will have an independent value with its nominal price at 0.02 USD (2 US cents) per CBM. More in-depth functional description will be published once the platform is launched to the public.

3. Is the CBM token traded on any cryptocurrency exchange?

Not yet. Initially it will be an internal token of CryptoBonusMiles platform, with functionality as explained in Medium articles above. However, technically it can be traded independently, as CBM is an unrestricted ERC20 token.

4. Will I receive airdrop in case my ARN tokens are in exchange wallet?

No, the airdrop will not support exchange pool wallets. ARN tokens should be located in a standalone wallet at the snapshot date. It must be in your individual, standalone wallet to be included in blockchain snapshot. You may use any wallet where you possess the private keys, see wallets featured at which offer native support for ARN token. Don’t forget to register for airdrop and submit your ARN wallet address as explained in this article, as only the registered wallets will be included in the snapshot.

5. When will I receive CBM into my wallet?

November 30th is the snapshot date, with airdrop tokens to be distributed shortly thereafter. The lucky draw winners will be announced same date.

Web-sites ,,

Good luck, and thanks for being a part of the Aeron community!

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