A Call to the College Board to Restore the Integrity of the AP African American Studies Course

TO: David Coleman, CEO, College Board

We write as over 1000 faculty, administrators and supporters in higher education who teach, write, research and lead in the areas of African American and Black Studies, a rich body of interdisciplinary academic production that incorporates indigenous, gender, queer, ethnic, feminist, and social movement scholarship.

Hundreds of us signed an Open Letter published on January 31, 2023, to express our opposition to Ron DeSantis’ slanderous comments about the draft course. We denounced his threats to hold the new AP offering hostage to Florida’s censorial anti-woke law, and urged the College Board to make revisions to the draft curriculum in their normal customary fashion.

It was our hope that the College Board would stand true to its stated commitments against politically-motivated meddling into the content of its AP courses, but the subsequent release of the pilot course on February 1 revealed that our hope was misplaced. We are gravely disappointed that the College Board’s Revised Framework for the Advanced Placement African American Studies (AP AAS) course effectively aligned the course with Florida’s “anti-woke” specifications, which fundamentally demean, malign and caricature Black life and the study of it. Consequently, it falls significantly short of the College Board’s own stated goal to develop a curricular framework that “reflects the academic rigor of introductory college courses within the discipline.”

As the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) noted in its February 2023 statement, the decision to excise dozens of foundational concepts, scholars, and theories from the course undermines the “College Board’s credibility as a site for knowledge on the experiences of Black folk and the concepts and theories used to analyze their experiences.”

For the College Board to restore its credibility and preserve the integrity of the course, it must reinstate the content, concepts and frameworks from the February 2022 “Course Framework and Exam Overview” preview document that were further elaborated in the Fall 2022 Pilot Course Guide. If the course continues to lack rigor and completeness some faculty will advise our institutions to reject advanced placement credit for the course.

The Excised and Censored Content

The latest curricular framework released on February 1, 2023 reveals that dozens of concepts and topics had been excised from the earlier course framework. They were either eliminated entirely or assigned to a “sample topics” section of the framework that students may never be allowed to engage.

The College Board has now acknowledged that the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) sought to influence the course not because of scholarly concerns or pedagogical standards but because that body was acting as a “political apparatus.” The CB’s admission that it removed the mention of concepts like “systemic marginalization” and “intersectionality” because they had become “politicized” only serves to reward that same political apparatus. The decision and reasoning affirms censorship and disinformation. It does not allow students to decide for themselves how those concepts shed light on the African American experience.

As a result, students may take the course without ever encountering key words and related concepts in the field including intersectionality, Black feminism, racial color blindness, institutional racism, and Black Lives Matter. Students and educators cannot engage these topics and ideas if the terms themselves are censored, as the terms themselves convey critical insights that are central to African American Studies. African American Studies is more than the study of the Black past.

African American Studies is the study of the persistence of anti-Blackness and the connections between historical and contemporary efforts to resist structural racism. It is an interdisciplinary engagement with the ways in which people of African descent remade and re-envisioned the world through ideas, art, politics and social movements despite the enduring character of white supremacy.

Students who take the course without encountering these concepts cannot achieve college-level comprehension of African American Studies. Indeed, they will be ill-equipped to engage in further learning and discussion in upper level African American Studies courses without a robust understanding of these concepts.

In addition, excluding Black Lives Matter and other topics from the post-1965 and contemporary period from the core and consigning them to the optional “sample topics” portion of the framework violates the integrity of the course as a whole.

With regards to other courses, the College Board understands clearly why foundational course concepts cannot be removed from the curriculum. For example, in a recent statement condemning censorship, the College Board explained that “the concepts of evolution are at the heart of college biology and a course that neglects such concepts does not pass muster as AP Biology.”

In the same way, the College Board’s initial interviews with college faculty indicated that “Intersectionality, Cultural Production and Appropriation, and Structural Racism were selected as the most essential themes” within the existing college courses, yet all of these concepts were excluded from the latest framework. As such, the current curricular framework “does not pass muster” as AP African American Studies.

Finally, the censorship of foundational content was not limited to course concepts, themes and scholars alone. Course goals and learning outcomes were also revised to suggest that the course was not intended for students to assess “real world problems,” “systematic marginalization” or to evaluate the “past, present, and future implications” of major social movements, as the chart below reveals.

Allowing students to connect knowledge produced in the classroom to their own questions, experiences, and hopes is foundational to African American studies.

To restore the integrity of the APAAS course, the College Board must:

1. Rescind the “Curricular Framework” published on February 1, 2023 and restore critical concepts, scholarship and frameworks to the AP AAS course.

The College Board should initiate a process guided by faculty and teachers qualified to review the materials that have been removed from the required portion of the curriculum, restore critical concepts, scholarship and frameworks to the document and devise ways to support educators in engaging these concepts with their students.

Put simply, the curriculum must restore the history of Black Studies, Black feminism, Black LGBTQ+ formations, and the conceptual frameworks that have grown out of the post 1960s Black freedom struggle up to Black Lives Matter in order to be called African American Studies.

2. Provide resources to create new platforms (including online and other asynchronous formats) so that Florida students and others confronting censored AP content can take the course and sit for the AP exam.

The College Board should make arrangements for colleges and universities that accept AP credits to accept this online course for Florida students and others in states that may reject the course in the future. Students in these states should not have their learning held hostage by political leaders who demand the censorship of the course in return for their official endorsement. The College Board’s policy on censorship states clearly that “if a school bans required topics from their AP courses, the AP Program removes the AP designation from that course…in the AP course ledger provided to colleges and universities.” To remedy the loss of learning and opportunity that will result for such students, the College Board should develop alternative platforms, at its expense or through its own fundraising capacities, to promote their inclusion and engagement.

3. Cease and desist from making public claims that the censored Curricular Framework is capable of introducing students to the foundational concepts, themes, and commitments of African American Studies. It cannot.

The curriculum was not simply reorganized to make it more streamlined or efficient. It has been scrubbed of much of its critical and contemporary content, and the framework that remains does not fully and accurately reflect the state of the field. This course is not AP African American History. Educators and students cannot be told that the adoption of this emaciated framework represents a “first step” in introducing more people to the field. This claim falsely suggests that the only choices available are a censored curriculum or no course at all. The CB must meet its obligation to stand behind this course as envisioned and designed. To withdraw now would be to sanction the lie that the field is not a valid and important academic discipline and that the students’ quest for this knowledge is illegitimate. This is the very message that FDOE and DeSantis have sought to convey, and to withdraw or cancel the course would be to hand political operatives intent on censoring Black knowledge a total victory.

4. Assume a leadership role in fighting against widespread efforts by states to censor anti-racist thought and expression.

The College Board must make a clear stand against so-called “anti-woke” legislation in every state where it appears. These laws are authoritarian in spirit, a threat to democratic principles and an open society by design, and are eroding academic freedom and national educational standards. The College Board should lend its support to legal efforts against these educational gag orders and memory laws, including filing amicus briefs where appropriate. It must dedicate its significant resources to fight these measures that are antithetical to quality teaching and learning in a mulitracial society. College Board must vigorously protect the academic freedom to teach and to learn.

The College Board’s February 11, 2023 apology acknowledged that it failed to condemn the FDOE’s spurious attacks on the course and individual scholars who were falsely maligned and targeted for political gain. Further, it is evident from the same statement that the Board’s initial comments regarding private exchanges between the CB and FDOE were misleading and incomplete. This allowed FDOE and the DeSantis administration to claim a victory in censoring the course.

The College Board’s ineffectiveness and lack of transparency in dealing with a foreseeable challenge also did a grave disservice to the several hundred scholars in the field who were recruited to design the course, but were neither consulted nor informed about the decisions to eliminate key concepts, ideas and materials.


Kamilah A’Vant | University of Rhode Island

Susan Abraham | New York Law School

Cécile Accilien | Kennesaw State University

Arthur Acevedo | University of Illinois Chicago School of Law

Ashley Adams | Mills College at Northeastern University

Quisquella Addison | Northeastern University School of Law

Tony Affigne | Providence College

Ujju Aggarwal | The New School

Amy Agigian | Suffolk University

Ebenezer Agu | University of Michigan

Hiba Fatima Ahmed | Duke University APSI

Theresa Aiello | New York University (retired)

Alain Akasa | Northeastern University

Faune Albert | Hampshire College

Jaime Aleman | St. Mary’s University School of Law

Leslie Alexander | Rutgers University

Shawn Alexander | University of Kansas

Samer Ali | U of Michigan

Nicole Aljoe | Northeastern University

Jacqueline Allain | Duke

Jafari Sinclaire Allen | Columbia University

K. E. Allen | University of Michigan

Angela Allen-Bell | Southern University Law Center

Maureen Allwood | John Jay College

Kal Alston | Syracuse University

Saladin Ambar | Rutgers University

Aysha Ames | Fordham University School of Law

Lena Ampadu | Towson U

Angele Anderfuren | University of Michigan

Carol Anderson | Emory University

John Anderson | Ball State University

M. Christine Anderson | Xavier University (emeritus)

Tarren Andrews | Yale University

David R Applebaum, Ph.D. | Rowan University (emeritus)

Susan Appleton | Washington University in St. Louis School of Law

Christian Appy | University of Massachusetts, Amherst

John Archer | New York University

Guy Aronoff | Cal Poly Humboldt

Lisa Arrastia | Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Arturo Arrieta | San Francisco State University

Michelle Arsneault | California State University, Fullerton

Miriam Aschkenasy | Harvard Kennedy School

Kenneth Asher | Harvard Graduate School of Education

Renee Ater | Brown University

E. Taylor Atkins | Northern Illinois University

Paula Austin | Boston University

Natalie Avalos | University of Colorado, Boulder

Alex Aviña | Arizona State University

Michael Awkward | University of Michigan

Annessa Babic | SUNY Old Westbury

Gabriela Baeza Ventura | University of Houston

Joseph Bagley | Georgia State University

Mandi Bailey | Valdosta State University

Oluwakemi Balogun | University of Oregon

Simon Balto | University of Wisconsin-Madison

Joy Banks | George Mason University

Edward Baptist | Cornell University

Llana Barber | SUNY Old Westbury

Riché JD Barnes | University of Florida

WaTasha Barnes Griffin | Ball State University

Christine Barrow | Hofstra University

Josef Barton | Northwestern University

Melissa Barton | Yale University

Scott Alves Barton | Notre Dame

Ann Bartow | UNH School of Law

Carol Batker | University of San Francisco

Patrick Baur | University of Rhode Island

Kaylan Baxter | USC

Amber Baylor | Columbia Law School

Herman Beavers | University of Pennsylvania

Erin Beck | University of Oregon

Austin Becker | University of Rhode Island

Michael Becker | Brown University

Maziar Behrooz | San Francisco State University

Colleen Bell | Hamline University

Dr. Shamell Bell | Harvard University

Ella Bell | Dartmouth College

Cristina Beltran | New York University

Jesse Benjamin | Kennesaw State University

Trude Bennett | UNC Chapel Hill

Jane Berger | Moravian University

Angela Berkley | University of Michigan

Déborah Berman Santana | Mills College (emeritus)

Julia Bernier | Washington & Jefferson College

Iver Bernstein | Washington University in St. Louis

Stephen Berrey | University of Michigan

Maya Berry | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Latrica Best | Boston College

Lisa Biggs | Brown University

Cyrus Bina | University of Minnesota

Martha Biondi | Northwestern University

Michael Birenbaum Quintero | Boston University

Debarati Biswas | New College of Florida

Rhonesha Blache | Teachers College, Columbia University

Carmen Black | Yale University

Keisha Blain | Brown University

Cynthia Blair | University of Illinois at Chicago

Allison Blakely | Boston University

Lorraine Blatt | University of Pittsburgh

Rich Blint | The New School

Kimberly Blockett | University of Delaware

A. Lynn Bolles | University of Maryland College Park

Nicky Boothe | UIC Law

Eileen Boris | UC Santa Barbara

Mildred Boveda | Penn State University

Merle Bowen | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Cynthia Bowman | Cornell Law School

Joye Bowman | University of Massachusetts

Carole Boyce Davies | Cornell University

Cory Bradley | Washington University School of Medicine

Ericka Bradley | Texas Southern University, Pensacola University

Rebecca Bratspies | CUNY Law

Lundy Braun | Brown University

Irus Braverman | University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Hannah Brenner Johnson | California Western School of Law

Renate Bridenthal | Brooklyn College, CUNY

Jennifer Brier | University of Illinois Chicago

Laura Briggs | University of Massachusetts Amherst

Robert Britto-Oliveira | University of Rhode Island

Akissi Britton | Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Anne Broadbridge | University of Massachusetts

Jennifer Brody | Stanford

Mark Broomfield | SUNY Geneseo

Karida Brown | Emory University

Kevin Brown | University of South Carolina School of Law

Kirby Brown | University of Oregon

Nadia Brown | Georgetown University

Shan-Estelle Brown | Rollins College

Sheri Brown | Unitarian universalist congregation of Hudson valley

Tashal Brown | University of Rhode Island

Mario Browne | University of Pittsburgh

Kevin Bruyneel | Babson College

John Buckley | University of Michigan

Lolita Buckner Inniss | University of Colorado Law School

Scottie Buehler | Sam Houston State University

Tracy Buenavista | California State University, Northridge

Natalie Bullock Brown | North Carolina State University

Margaret Burnham | Northeastern University

Richard Burroughs | University of Rhode Island

Nicole Burrowes | Rutgers University, NB

Keely Busby | George Washington University

Kim D. Butler | Rutgers University

Paul Butler | Georgetown University Law Center

Sheretta Butler-Barnes | Washington University in St. Louis

Lee Bynum | Columbia University

Tyrone Byrd | Dartmouth College

Wesley C Hogan | Duke University

Umayyah Cable | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Altheria Caldera | American University

Clarence Caldwell | Pepperdine University

Stephen Maynard Caliendo | North Central College

Ann Cammett | CUNY School of Law

Carol Camp Yeakey | Washington University in St. Louis

Colleen Campbell | NYU Law

Jill Campbell | Yale University

Craig Canfield | Yale University

Lucinda Canty | University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mark Canuel | University of Illinois at Chicago

Devon Carbado | UCLA School of Law

Hazel Carby | Yale

Catherine Carpenter | Southwestern Law School

Erin Carr | Seattle University School of Law

Rachel Carrico | University of Florida

John Carson | University of Michigan

Chelsey Carter | Yale

Derrais Carter | University of Arizona

Prudence Carter | Brown University

Judith Casselberry | Bowdoin College

Margaret Cerullo | Hampshire College

Sarah Jane Cervenak | UNC Greensboro

Paula Chakravartty | NYU

Julian Chambliss | Michigan State University

Robert Chang | Seattle University School of Law

Rachel Chapman | University of Washington, Seattle

Rebecca Chapman | University at Buffalo

Matthew Charity | City University of New York School of Law

Katherine Charron | NC State University

Faisal Chaudhry | University of Massachusetts

Amy Chazkel | Columbia University

Henry Chen | University of Michigan

Charise Cheney | University of Oregon

April Cherry | Cleveland State University

Dennis Childs | UCSD

Mary Chinery | Georgian Court University

Sumi Cho | DePaul University College of Law (retired)

Gerard Chouin | William & Mary

Beth Christman | Mount Holyoke College

Louis Chude-Sokei | Boston University

Kandice Chuh | CUNY Graduate Center

Angie Chung | University at Albany

Keith Clark | George Mason University

Rebecca Clark | Eastern Washington University

Kamari Clarke | UCLA

Malcolm Clarke | Northeastern University Law School

Andy Clarno | University of Illinois at Chicago

Rudolph Clay | Washington University in St. Louis

Danielle Clealand | University of Texas

Mary Coffey | Dartmouth College

Cathy Cohen | University of Chicago

Deborah Cohen | University of Missouri-St. Louis

Miriam Cohen | Vassar College

Walter Cohen | University of Michigan

Jesse Cohn | Purdue University Northwest

Juan Cole | University of Michigan

Aaron Coleman | University of Michigan

Ruth Colker | Moritz College of Law, The Ohio State University

Lisa Gail Collins | Vassar College

Anna Conley | Alexander Blewett III School of Law University of Montana

N. D. B. Connolly | Johns Hopkins University

Daniella Cook | University of South Carolina

Elizabeth Cooper | Fordham Law School

Sandi Cooper | CUNY (emeritus)

Danielle Copes | St. Mary’s University School of Law

Morris Council | University of West Georgia

Diana Courtney | University of Oregon

Yolanda Covington-Ward | University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Aimee Cox | New York University

Kimberle Crenshaw | Columbia University & UCLA

Emilye Crosby | SUNY Geneseo

Kimberly Crump | NC A&T State University

Elyse Crystall | UNC-CH

Mabel Cuesta | University of Houston

Dr. Bert Maria Cueva | Cal State University-Northridge

Susan Cumings | University at Albany, SUNY

Carolyn Cusick | California State University, Fresno

Suzanne Cusick | NYU

Daniel Czitrom | Mount Holyoke College

Hetal Dalal | Mitchell | Hamline School of Law

Bianca Dang | University of Washington

Julia Dang | Alma College

Kyrah Malika Daniels | Emory University

Amy Dao | Cal Poly Pomona

Anthony Dardis | Hofstra University

Marlo David | Purdue University

Adrienne Davis | Washington University in St. Louis

Amira Rose Davis | University of Texas- Austin

Benjamin Davis | Washington and Lee School of Law

Dana Davis | CUNY

Kara Davis | University at Buffalo

Mark Allan Davis | San Francisco State University

Nakia Davis | North Carolina Central University School of Law

Patricia Davis | Northeastern University

Smaran Dayal | Stevens Institute of Technology

Aparajita De | University of the District of Columbia

Misty De Berry | Dartmouth College

Greta de Jong | University of Nevada, Reno

Mira Debs | Yale University

Michael Denning | Yale University

Sandra McGee Deutsch | University of Texas at El Paso

Scott Dexter | Alma College

Kadidja Diaby | Georgia Southern University

Stephen Dillon | Hampshire College

Tanesha Dixon | NYU, Michigan State University

Jessica Dixon Weaver | SMU Dedman School of Law

Rossen Djagalov | NYU

Mara Dodge | Westfield State University

Stacey Dogan | Boston University

Mary Dollison | Ball State University

Kristin Doughty | University of Rochester

Susan Douglas | The University of Michigan

Pearl Dowe | Emory University

Mary Dudziak | Emory University

Scott Dueker | Ball State University

Lisa Duggan | New York University

Erica Dunbar | Rutgers University

Meredith Duncan | University of Houston Law Center

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Maurice Dyson | Suffolk University Law School

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Amanda Frisken | SUNY Old Westbury

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Karen Gaffney | Raritan Valley Community College

Scott Gage | Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Colette Gaiter | University of Delaware

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Allyson Ganster | CUNY Graduate Center

ClaireOberon Garcia | Colorado College

Bernadette Gargano | University at Buffalo

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Atim George | Antioch University

Larry Gerber | Auburn University

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Stephanie Logan | Springfield College

Tom Looser | NYU

Yndia Lorick-Wilmot | Northeastern University

Carolyn Love | Antioch University

John Wharton Lowe | University of Georgia

Lisa Lowe | Yale University

Joseph Lowndes | University of Oregon

Ashley Lucas | University of Michigan

David Ludden | New York University

David Luebke | University of Oregon

Sharon Luk | Simon Fraser University

Mark Levin | Wm. S. Richardson School of Law, The University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Cynthia Lyerly | Boston College

Alexandra M Deal | CU Boulder

Lisa Macaruso | University of Rhode Island

Patrisia Macias | University of Illinois

Catharine A. MacKinnon | University of Michigan Law; Harvard Law School

Joyce Madancy | Union College

Keith Magee | University College London

Rahsaan Mahadeo | Providence College

Jasmine Mahmoud | University of Washington

Stephen Maizlish | University of Texas (retired)

Minkah Makalani | Johns Hopkins University

Solangel Maldonado | Seton Hall University School of Law

Hui-Ling Malone | University of California, Santa Barbara

Noriko Manabe | Temple University

Brandon J. Manning | Texas Christian University

Paula Manning | Detroit Mercy Law

Jill Manske | Bard College

Hedda Marcus | Nassau Community College

Maddalena Marinari | Gustavus Adolphus College

Rain Marshall, JD | Cal Poly Humboldt

Christopher Martell | University of Massachusetts Boston

Jamal Martin | University of New Mexico

Kahdeidra Martin | Stanford Graduate School of Education

Ernesto Martinez | University of Oregon

Valerie Martinez | Our Lady of the Lake University

Michele Matteini | NYU

Kate Matthews-Bray | William Paterson University

Andrew Mattson | SUNY Old Westbury

Portia Maultsby | Indiana University

Renae Mayes | University of Arizona

Larry Mayo | DePaul University

Kyle Mays | UCLA

Dorrie Mazzone | Diablo Valley College

Dwight McBride | The New School

Timothy McCarthy | Harvard University

Ryan McCarty | University of Michigan

Tifanee McCaskill | University of Maryland, College Park

Nathan McClain | Hampshire College

Paula D. McClain | Duke University

Nicole McConlogue | West Virginia University

Tyler McCreary | Florida State University

Jeffrey McCune | University of Rochester

Simiya McEachin | College of William and Mary

Amy McGinnis | Cal Poly Pomona

Nathan McGovern | University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Jason McGraw | Indiana University

Benjamin McKean | Ohio State University

Maria McKenna | University of Notre Dame

Michelle McKinley | University of Oregon School of Law

Monica McLemore | University of Washington

Monica McLeod | Rider University

John McNay | University of Cincinnati

Krista McQueeney | University of Wisconsin

Teresa Meade | Union College

Robin Means Coleman | Northwestern University

Sarah Medina Camiscoli | Yale University

Brian Meeks | Brown University

Michael Meeropol | Western New England University

Jodi Melamed | Marquette University

Evelyn Melendez | UC Santa Barbara

Nodia Mena | UNC-Greensboro

Alina Mendez | University of Washington Seattle

Carrie Menkel-Meadow | University of California Irvine Law School

Margaret Menninger | Texas State University

Michael Meranze | UCLA

Jessica Miles | Seton Hall University School of Law

Laura Miller | University of Missouri–Saint Louis

Victoria Millet | USC

Michael Minta | University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Valerie Mintz | Alfred University

Leah Mirakhor | Yale

Dana Miranda | University of Massachusetts Boston

Elise A. Mitchell | Princeton University

Koritha Mitchell | Ohio State University

Michele Mitchell | New York University

S David Mitchell | University of Missouri School of Law

Michaela Modica | Northeastern University

Rebekah Modrak | University of Michigan

Susan Mody | SUNY Plattsburgh

Danica Moise | University of Central Florida

Michael Mokotoff | University of Pittsburgh

Amelia Moore | University of Rhode Island

Erika Moore | UCF

Maggi Morehouse | Coastal Carolina University

Bethany Moreton | Dartmouth College

Lynda Morgan | Mount Holyoke College

Dr Kim Morrison | Chabot College

Leslie K Morrow | The Ohio State University

Melanie Moses | University of New Mexico

Daniel Mosquera | Union College

Fred Moten | New York University

Sarah Mountz | University at Albany

Hunter Moyler | Boston University

Aurelia Lorena Muerga | The University of Texas at El Paso

Candace Muhammad | University of Illinois

Khalil Gibran Muhammad | Harvard University Kennedy School

Steven Mullaney | University of Michigan

Bill Mullen | Purdue University

Meir Muller | University of South Carolina

Azuka MuMin | The OhIo State University

Yasser Munif | Emerson College

Athena D Mutua | University at Buffalo, School of Law

Fred Myers | New York University

Nadine Naber | UIC

Celia Naylor | Barnard College, Columbia University

Kim Nayyer | Cornell University

Monica Ndounou | Dartmouth College

Mark Anthony Neal | Duke University

Odeana Neal | University of Baltimore School of Law

Abigail Neely | Dartmouth College

Camille Nelson | University of Hawaii, William S. Richardson School of Law

Liline Nelson | Ball State University

Vasuki Nesiah | NYU

David Newbury | Smith College (emeritus)

Katrina Newsom | Tennessee State University

Pamella Newton | VCU

Dr. Donna Nicol | California State University Dominguez Hills

Vivian D Nixon | Columbia University

Mary Nolan | NYU

Donald Nonini | University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Kimberly Norwood | Washington University School of Law

Shayla Nunnally | University of Tennessee

Nadia Nurhussein | Johns Hopkins University

Jennifer L. Nye | UMass Amherst

Alice O’Connor | UC Santa Barbara

Kate O’Connor | University of Michigan

Susan Odgers | Northwestern MI College

Amy Offner | University of Pennsylvania

Joyce Ogunrinde | University of Houston

Ikem Stanley Okoye | University of Delaware

Lauren Olsen | University of Wisconsin-Madison

Patricia O’Neill | Molloy University

Adeola Oni-Orisan | UC Davis

Angela Onwuachi-Willig | Boston University School of Law

Valerie Orlando | University of Maryland

Elisabeth Osei-Kwame | Rochester Institute of Technology

Michelle Ouellette | SUNY Plattsburgh

Ianna Hawkins Owen | Boston University

Cristian Padilla | Yale University

Allison Page | Old Dominion University

Shelly Page | Southern Illinois University

A. Naomi Paik | University of Illinois, Chicago

Nell Painter | Princeton

Nick Palazzolo | Central High School of Philadelphia

Camille Pannu | Columbia Law School

Kostis Papadantonakis | Community College of Baltimore County

Melina Pappademos | University of Connecticut

Shanti Parikh | Washington University in St Louis

Rae Paris | University of Washington

Prasannan Parthasarathi | Boston College

Vimala Pasupathi | Hofstra University

Leslie Patrick | Bucknell University (emeritus)

Ewunike Patterson | Cornell University

Mary Pattillo | Northwestern University

Donald Pease | Dartmouth College

Rosemarie Pena | Rutgers

Anthony Pennino | Stevens Institute of Technology

Lisa Penny | Lincoln U

Alaina Perez | University of Michigan

Ivette Perfecto | University of Michigan

Kennetta Perry | Northwestern University

Jean Pfaelzer | University of Delaware

Evelyn Phillips | Central Connecticut State University

Melissa Phruksachart | University of Michigan

Stacy Pies | Gallatin NYU

Jo-Ann Pilardi | Towson University, Prof. Emerita

Fred Pincus | University of Maryland baltimore county

Carolyn Pinedo-Turnovsky | University of Washington

Mark Pittenger | University of Colorado

Maria Jose Plascencia | Yale University

Sam Plasencia | Colby College

Sharolyn Pollard Durodola | University of Nevada Las Vegas

Albert Ponce | Diablo Valley College

Margaret Power | Illinois Institute of Technology

Lisa-Kaye Price | University of South Florida

Melanye Price | Prairie View A&M University

Dennis Prieto | Rutgers Law School

Yopie Prins | University of Michigan

Laura Pulido | University of Oregon

Brian Purnell | Bowdoin College

Dara Purvis | Penn State Law

Jennifer Putzi | William and Mary

H. L. T. Quan | Arizona State University

Elise Quinn | Pennsylvania State University

Therese Quinn | University of Illinois Chicago

Carol Quirke | SUNY Old Westbury

Julia Rabig | Dartmouth College

Marissa Rafael | California State University East Bay

Dana Raigrodski | University of Washington School of Law

Michael Ralph | Howard University

Marco Ramos | Yale University

Vernellia Randall | University of Dayton School of Law

Antonia Randolph | University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Kirby Randolph | University of Dayton School of Law

Claudia Rankine | NYU

Barbara Ransby | University of Illinois at Chicago

Maryani Rasidjan | University of California, San Francisco

Susan Rauchwerk | Lesley University

Victor Ray | The University of Iowa

Chandan Redduy | University of Washington

Ellis Reed | Ball State University

Ellis Reed II | Ball State

Virginia Reinburg | Boston College

Timothy J Reiss | New York University

Max Renner | Molloy University

Stephanie Renteria | University of Michigan

Sonnet Retman | University of Washington

Susan Reverby | Wellesley College

Jennifer Reyes | Northeastern University

Jane Rhodes | University of Illinois

Jethro Rice | University of Sussex

Jeffrey Richardson | University of Delaware

Riche’ Richardson | Cornell University

Catherine Riessman | Boston University

Eve Rips | Chicago-Kent College of Law

Bobby Rivera | St. John’s University

Ashley Robinson | Ball State University

Cheryl Rodriguez | USF

Ileana M. Rodriguez-Silva | University of Washington

David Roediger | University of Kansas

Alexandrea Rogers | University of Delaware

Melvin Rogers | Brown University

Judy Rohrer | Eastern Washington University

Oliver Rollins | University of Washington

Addie Rolnick | UNLV Boyd School of Law

Avital Ronell | NYU

Noliwe Rooks | Brown University

Lois Rosado | State University Of New York

Lilia Raquel Rosas | UT Austin

Tricia Rose | Brown University

Andrew Ross | New York University

Laura Rovner | University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Wesley Ruiz | University of Michigan

Constance Russell | University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Diann Rust-Tierney | Georgetown Racial Justice Institute

Njeri Rutledge | South Texas College of Law Houston

Rebecka Rutledge Fisher | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Naaborko Sackeyfio-Lenoch | Dartmouth College

Shaina Sadai | UCS

Natsu Taylor Saito | Georgia State University (Emerita)

Larry Salomon | San Francisco State University

Edward Sammons | University of Toronto

Jeffrey Sammons | Emeritus NYU

Anthony Sampedro | Sierra College

Sandra Sanchez | Yale University

Crystal Sanders | Emory University

Vetta Sanders Thompson | Washington University in St. Louis

Xiomara Santamarina | University of Michigan

Simone Santiago | University of Chicago

Evangeline Sarda | Boston College

Natalia Sautier | Northeastern University

Pancho Savery | Reed College

Nadia Sawicki | Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Helene Scheck | State University of New York at Albany

Sigrid Schmalzer | University of Massachusetts Amherst

Alicia Schmidt Camacho | Yale University

Michael Schoenfeldt | University of Michigan

Ellen Schrecker | Yeshiva University, (retired)

Mark Schuller | Northern Illinois University

Jennifer Scott | The New School

Sean Scott | California Western School of Law

Jorge Serrano | University of Delaware

Himadhari Sharma | University of California, Santa Barbara

Todd Shaw | University of South Carolina

Matthew Shenoda | Brown University

Susan Shepler | American University

Ann Davis Shields | Washington University Law School

Tanya Shields | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

David Shorter | UCLA

George Shulman | New York University

Shanda Sibley | Temple University

Tim Sieber | University of Massachusetts Boston

Diana Sierra Becerra | University of Massachusetts

Nina Silber | Boston University

Kimberly Simmons | University of South Carolina

Evette Simmons-Reed | Ball State University

Angela Sims | Ball State University

Shelby Sinclair | Princeton University, Dartmouth College

John Victor Singler | New York University

Hannah Sions | James Madison University

Shana Sippy | Centre College

Anita Siraki | York University

Andor Skotnes | Russell Sage College (emeritus)

Christine Slaughter | Boston University

Stephany Slaughter | Alma College

Ronald Slye | Seattle University

Stephanie Smallwood | University of Washington

Calvin John Smiley | Hunter College-CUNY

Bridget Smith | St. John’s University

Sandra Susan Smith | Harvard Kennedy School

Connie So | American Ethnic Studies, University of Washington

Natalie Sokoloff | John Jay College

Karen Sotiropoulos | Cleveland State University

Eve Spangler | Boston College

Bonnie Spanier | University at Albany SUNY

Robyn Spencer-Antoine | Lehman College

Jutta Sperling | Hampshire College

Emily Spieler | Northeastern University

Nicole Spigner | Northwestern University

Carol Anne Spreen | New York University

Jason Stanley | Yale University

Julia Steggerda-Corey | Drake University Law School

David Stein | UCSB

Lynn Stephen | University of Oregon

Krystal Steuer | BGSU

Jeffrey Stewart | University of California

Maya Stovall | California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Dara Strolovitch | Yale University

Deborah Stroman | University of North Carolina

SaraEllen Strongman | University of Michigan

Federico Subervi | Wisconsin

Martin Summers | Boston College

Alicia Swartz | California State University East Bay

Karen Sweeting | University of Rhode Island

Lindsey Swindall | Stevens Institute of Technology

Allison Tait | University of Richmond School of Law

Bernard Tamas | Valdosta State University

Pablo Tanguay | Ohio State University

Rebecca Tarlau | The Pennsylvania State University

Helga Tawil-Souri | NYU

Analisa Taylor | University of Oregon

John Taylor | University of Rhode Island

Jonte (JT) Taylor | Penn State University

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor | Northwestern University

Ula Taylor | University of California, Berkeley

Tedros Teklzhi | SUNY Buffalo Law School

Gregory Tewksbury | Brooklyn College, CUNY

Sherod Thaxton | UCLA

Jeanne Theoharis | Brooklyn College

Madina Thiam | New York University

Alice Thomas | Howard University School of Law

Aravis Thomas | Texas A&M San Antonio

Cathy Thomas | UC Santa Barbara

Griselda Thomas | Kennesaw State University

Mary Thomas | University of Louisville

Najmah Thomas | University of South Carolina Beaufort

Sherri Thomas | University of New Mexico School of Law

Heather Ann Thompson | University of Michigan

Lisa B. Thompson | University of Texas at Austin

Robert Thompson | University of Rhode Island

Sinclair Thomson | New York University

Shatema Threadcraft | Vanderbilt University

I. India Thusi | Indiana University Bloomington Maurer School of Law

Alvin Tillery | Northwestern University

Salamishah Tillet | Rutgers University — Newark

Heidi Tinsman | University of California, Irvine

Kristen Tiscione | Georgetown Law

Joshua Tjaden | Marymount Manhattan College

Elizabeth Todd-Breland | University of Illinois Chicago

Karen Tokarz | Washington U Law School

Rachel Torres | California State University East Bay

Etienne Toussaint | University of South Carolina School of Law

Claudia Tracht | Phoenix College

ToniAnn Trevino | Texas Lutheran University

Jessica Trounstine | UC Merced

Diana Turk | New York University

Robin Turner | Butler University

Jennifer Turpin | University of San Francisco

James Uleman | New York University

Sharon Ullman |Bryn Mawr College

Akinyele Umoja | Georgia State University

Gwen Urey | California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Claire Valderama-Wallace | California State University East Bay

Carmen Valdivia | Macalester College

Miguel Valerio | Washington University in St. Louis

Patricia van Leeuwaarde Moonsammy | Napa Valley College

Kevin Van Meter | University of Oregon

Megan VanGorder | Governors State University

Deborah Vargas | Yale University

Britney Vasquez | University of Delaware

Desiree Vega | University of Arizona

Kyle Velte | University of Kansas School of Law

Fiona Vernal | University of Connecticut

Hanétha Vété-Congolol | Bowdoin College

Pamela Voekel | Dartmouth College

Kalindi Vora | Yale University

Michelle Vos | Widener University

Alan Wald | University of Michigan

Cody Walker | University of Michigan

Corey D. B. Walker | Wake Forest University

Thomas Walker | University of Michigan

Danielle Wallace | William Paterson University

Alan Wallach | The College of William and Mary (Emeritus)

Roberta Wallitt | EILC

Roberta Walsh | Governors State University

Elizabeth Walz | University of Michigan

Haitao Wang | University of Rhode Island

Geoff Ward | Washington University in St. Louis

Jazzmyn Ward | University of California Santa Barbara

Charles Warren | University of Massachusetts

Michele Washington | City College of New York CUNY

Neil Wasserman | George Washington University

Ali Watts | University of Utah

Merle Weiner | University of Oregon School of Law

Barbara Weinstein | New York University

Cornel West | Union Theological Seminary

Elizabeth West | Georgia State U

Laura Wexler | Yale University

Kelly Wheeler | Curry College

Ronald Wheeler | Boston University School of Law

Deborah Gray White | Rutgers University

Gillian White | University of Michigan

Mia Charlene White | The New School

Renee White | The New School

Susan Wilczynski | Ball State University

Brian Williams | Mississippi State University

Chad Williams | Brandeis University

Erica Williams | Spelman College

Georgia Williams | University of Oregon

Kahlea Williams | University of Washington

Michael Williams | University of Houston

Ryan Williams | University of San Francisco

Serena M. Williams | Widener University Delaware Law School

Elizabeth Williams Wesley | School District of Philadelphia

Sharon Willis | University of Rochester

Dr. T. Anansi Wilson | Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Folayemi Wilson | College of Arts & Architecture, Penn State

Courtney Wilt | University of Wisconsin at Whitewater

Gretchen Woertendyke | University of South Carolina

Nathan Wood-House | College of the Holy Cross

Dagmawi Woubshet | University of Pennsylvania

AK Wright | Northeastern University

Cecilia Wright | Washington University in St. Louis

Ellen Wu | Indiana University Bloomington

Mary Ann Wynkoop | University of Missouri-Kansas City

Aaron Y | University of Michigan

Kimberly Y | University of Southern Maine

Jasmine Noelle Yarish | University of the District of Columbia

Gabby Yearwood | University of Pittsburgh

M. Remi Yergeau | University of Michigan

Asako Yonan | University of Oregon

Fanica Young | University of Central Florida

Kevin A. Young | UMass Amherst

Patricia Young | Diablo Valley College

Magdalena Zaborowska | University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Queen Meccasia Zabriskie | New College of Florida

Liliana Zaragoza | University of Minnesota Law School

Jay Zarowitz | Muskegon Community College

Chrissie Zavicar | Muskegon Community College

Andreja Zevnik | University of Manchester

Angela Zito | New York University

Rose Zoltek-Jick | Northeastern University School of Law