Innovation is something any organization that wants to thrive today needs to have figured out. Countless bags of cash are invested in it but you might think that the success rate is somewhat unsatisfactory. Is there a way to make it better? Is there a trick to make your entire org think in innovative ways? Let’s hypothesize something.

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The last season of Catching the Next Wave podcast was themed: innovation. There is something in this word that triggers attention and vigilance, isn’t there? After all, so many organizations strive to call themselves innovative. They build innovation departments and these departments are then supposed to deliver ideas the rest of the org is supposed to implement so that it becomes the new challenger of the given domain.

But what typically happens is that these innovation departments are challenged and their ideas often rejected. Which is only natural, in fact. If you think about it, 95% of any organization is in the business of keeping it afloat. This means that they try to find ways and niches to earn as much money as possible now. And the space for earning that sort of money is with late majority. There is one unintended consequence of having that focus though. Late majority is not interested in any innovation whatsoever. Actually, they resent it. …


Aga Szóstek

www.seed-cards.com, www.catchingthenextwavepodcast.com, strategic designer, experience designer, altmba4 alumni

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