Ourselves, a Resurrection

For Gavin Cross

Do you remember the church built three times upon itself we visited in Italy? How, with each descent, the stairways narrowed, until we stood in that dank room, surrounded only by stones the color of ash? Nothing grew there, in that church beneath a church, and the only sound filling the space was our quick intake of breath and exhale. Standing together in that darkness we both still felt alone, so we pointed to the tops of arched walls, and said that surely, in a time before, they might have touched the sky. But it was not…

I consider myself a microbrew aficionado. When tired of my go-to pilsner and ready to discover a new frothy beverage, I don’t visit google or Yelp — I head to a trusted neighborhood market or local beer bar. What ensues is an interaction full of questions such as these: What have you enjoyed recently? What types of beer do you usually drink? Who are your favorite local breweries? Then a series of micro-tastings and a clear winner delivered as a full pint. I’ve learned something new and discovered an unfamiliar option; the cicerone has made a sale and won over…

A Hunter Sunrise

Innovator. Strategist. Entrepreneur.

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