AirTM Mission Statement, Goals, and Values.

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Ruben & Ton: AirTM Founders & Co-CEOs

As we enter our second year of operations, it’s time we shared AirTM’s Mission Statement, as well as the goals and values that have guided the AirTeaM since we started this adventure with the help of our co-Founder and mentor, Tim Parsa.

Our Mission:

To provide the developing world with safe, dependable, and globally- connected financial services.

Make Money Your Friend Again.™

This is more than just a slogan and a trademark. It’s the inspiration for AirTM.

Everyone involved with AirTM has lived through the chaos and uncertainty caused by the devaluation of local currency, inflation, and isolated bank networks that make it difficult to move money into or out of the country.

Whether it’s Mexican Pesos or Venezuelan Bolivares or any of the other 100+ national currencies that consistently lose value against the U.S. dollar, AirTM is committed to helping consumers and businesses access stable money that holds its value, money that is as easy to transfer as email, and that can be withdrawn as local currency whenever it’s needed.

We help our clients make money their friend again by helping them preserve their wealth, pay and get paid in stable currency, and participate in e-commerce.

We help our cashiers make money their friend again by giving reliable and trustworthy people a way to supplement their income by helping AirTM clients complete deposits and withdrawals.

AirTM helps our clients and cashiers help each other make money their friend again by providing a secure, accessible, and innovative fintech platform that connects over 200 bank networks and e-money systems to a USD-denominated cloud-based account that is as easy to access as email.

Respect The Law.

AirTM was born from the rise of bitcoin and the bitcoin-related fintech venture boom that followed. We are fully committed to putting control of money back into the hands of the people to whom it belongs while lowering fees and costs associated with financial transactions.

But we also firmly believe that in order to build a scalable solution that helps hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses worldwide, AirTM must work within the bounds of the governing laws in each of the jurisdictions in which we operate. AML, KYC, OFAC and similar regulatory standards are being architected as core features of AirTM’s product and services.

AirTM will always be an account-based service that requires clients to provide valid I.D. in order to open an account. AirTM Cashiers will always go through an even more rigorous KYC process. And we are dedicating a substantial portion of our operating budget over the next 12 months to beefing up our anti-money laundering and I.D. verification systems.

Never Stop Innovating.

We believe that we are at the very start of how the Internet and information technology will transform money and the lives of just about everyone on the planet.

AirTM’s mission is to be at the forefront of solving the biggest problems suffered by the most consumers and businesses with the best new solutions that fintech can provide.

Giving consumers and businesses in the developing world access to stable money and connecting their isolated local bank network to the rest of the world’s money is our main goal.

We currently do that via our P2P network of cashiers, but we are also actively pursuing other solutions that will complement AirTM’s cashier network and expand our addressable market.

How can we help people who aren’t comfortable with computers and online accounts?

How can we bring AirTM USD to cryptocurrency exchanges?

How can we provide AirTM’s globally connected deposit and withdrawal functionality to other digital money platforms?

What other financial services are people desperately in need of besides USD access and money system connectivity?

How can AirTM give merchants and businesses tools to bring USD stability into their local operations?

How can we partner with other fintech start-ups and more established financial services firms in order to offer their services to AirTM’s clients and cashiers?

About 75% of the AirTeaM’s time and focus is dedicated to growing the KPIs of our existing service. The other 25% is focused on how to solve the same and other equally big problems in a better, smarter, faster, cheaper, and friendlier way.

We never want that to change, even as the AirTeaM grows beyond the handful of employees we have today.

Keep Us Honest.

We’re publishing this so that all AirTM’s employees, partners, and investors can keep us honest. This is what’s important to us today, and we hope it will guide AirTM’s growth and identity in the days,months and years ahead.

If AirTM is ever out of synch with our Mission Statement or the three pillars of the AirTM vision, please forward us this blog post and remind us of the goals and values that turned a dream into a thriving start-up and will hopefully transform a small start-up into an industry leader.


Ruben & Ton

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