She Dreamed of Dragons

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Aisha who didn’t believe in fairytales. She’d watched Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin, and found all these princesses beautiful, but unrelatable. Why were they unhappy? How could they want more than their luxurious lifestyles? Jasmine had a tiger. A TIGER! Ariel got to perform for her father as the star among her sisters! Belle’s worst struggle was boredom! Ok, Belle’s issue was pretty bad, but then they all fall for these boring boys, who, at least by the end of their movies, had perfect appearances…

Since I started at Google, I’ve been dying to talk about discrimination. Literally. Without tools, an avenue, or interest to talk about it within Google, my silent suffering had started to erode my very being from the inside out. I became depressed. Despite suspecting it was the accumulation of damage I incurred from unfair attacks against me for reasons other than my work, there was no one who’d dared to engage me in a conversation about it. They still don’t.

Suspecting discrimination as foul-play was considered too taboo to speak of because everyone had been indoctrinated upon Noogler Orientation with…

Hi. My name is Aisha. It’s pronounced with an “eye.” Not an “I-ee” or a long “A” but an “I” as in my third “eye,” motherfucker.

You join me here on a Wednesday night sipping a Fireball on the rocks while I sort through what’s left of my files from working at Google on my Google Drive. I don’t really drink anymore, but I needed something that wasn’t weed to take the edge off sorting these… *sniff* memories. I’m “addicted” to weed, you see, so I’ve replaced it with a more harmful, yet parentally-accepted substance for the time being. My…

Aisha with an Eye

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