My Virtual Exhibition Part 3



In part 1 of my virtual exhibition, I discussed my interest in creating funky pieces of artwork by combining photography and image editing tools such as Snapchat and Prisma.

In part 2, I talked about trying to get great at photography with minimal effort and just an iPhone 8.

I part 3; I want to dive into the idea of taking risks and fighting the need to be perfect.

With the rise of digital cameras, filters, and social media, many people feel the need to portray themselves and their lives as perfect.

I don’t think that’s healthy, and I’ve tried to actively combat this urge by thinking deeply about how I want to use various social tools.

I’ve reserved my Instagram as a place for me to share my life through my eyes. Whenever I see something aesthetically pleasing, I want to capture it and share it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I know that some of the photos I capture and share may not be as interesting as I thought they were in the moment.

That’s okay.

I’m starting to realize that in order to do anything worthwhile and interesting, you need to take risks and try a bunch of shit out.

Some things will work and some things won’t.

With all this being said, I’d like to welcome you to virtual exhibition part 3:



Closing Thoughts

I’ve started playing around with a new photo editing app called Darkroom and I will be posting the results on my Insta feed.

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