The FairWin game platform alpha has been launched

We have been waiting long for this day and it has finally come! The FairWin game platform on the Ethereum blockchain has started to work and is available on our site.

To access the game lobby, insert this link in the browser address bar:

For now only one game,Yggdrasil, that is based on Scandinavian mythology, is available there. All interested persons can play it free of charge in the Rinkeby test network.

Yggdrasil is a game about a magic tree. In Scandinavian mythology, Yggdrasil is the Universe tree connecting three worlds — the world of people, the world of gods and the underground world of the dead.

The game purpose is to grow the tree with the help of symbols with magic mana. When the player collects enough mana, the tree grows and he passes to a new level.

To enter the game and receive test FWIN tokens, you are required to have a MetaMask account and a small amount of test Ether. A detailed guide on how to start playing on the FairWin platform is available here.

We also plan to release a second game, Top Drop, about Colombian smugglers. Now the FairWin developers continue to test it. Very soon we will publish a video with the gameplay of Top Drop, for now all the basic features and bonuses can be seen here. The game will be available in the game lobby, in the Showcase section.

I also remind you that the sale of FWIN tokens proceeds. When the platform’s work is adjusted, FairWin games will be available to play with the real FWIN tokens.

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Welcome to the unofficial FairWin company blog.

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