How We Built An Audience Of 3.7M Fans In Under A Year

1. Focus On Being Different

2. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Design

3. The Essentials You Need To Build An Audience

  • Make your site responsive — we all hate navigating around a site that hasn’t been optimised or designed for mobile.
  • Tap into and exploit the social network your audience is likely to use. Be a consistent presence there but don’t spread yourself too thin across multiple networks. Post consistently. If you wouldn’t share it, why are you posting it?
  • Messaging apps have now surpass social networks. Make sure you include share buttons for these on your mobile site.
  • Enable comments on your site to increase engagement and build a relationship with your audience.
  • Offer incentives for them to subscribe to your e-mail list. Once you have their e-mail, set up a series of notifications that encourage them to perform specific tasks or recommend actions for them. This might be to download your app, submit a story, give you feedback etc
  • Form partnerships through social with brands that are complimentary to your own or with companies in your industry. This can be RT’s, FB swaps, newsletter mentions or branded content.
  • Use Google Analytics to drill down into the demographics, location and technology of your visitors. If they don’t match your target audience, you may need to adjust the timing, style or tone of your content.
  • Look at specific pages with a high bounce rate. What is causing your customers / audience to leave? See what changes you can make to entice them to view more pages / make a purchase / take a specific action. This might mean adjusting the layout of the page or even the navigation.

4. Helpful Resources

5. Ask Away




Founder of Former founder of & Proponent of fountain pens.

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Alex Wain

Alex Wain

Founder of Former founder of & Proponent of fountain pens.

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