Some outside coaching can’t hurt.

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Now more than ever these relationships need to be handled with care

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Ask how I’m doing.

In a really hard time, you have done your best.

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You are Wonder Woman if you can continue working, keep the kids at home, and still manage to do virtual learning with your son.

Marriage doesn’t mean the dating ends

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The benefits have been surprising

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How I plan to uncork the wine and reminisce with my love

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A pandemic was good for us

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We found a joint interest in hobbies as a family.

The one date that changed my romantic life forever.

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It’s not getting any easier

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Moms are mentally tough as hell.

Signs that indicate maybe you’ve found the one.

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You have your best friend and lover in one.

Allison Ditmer

digital marketer, mother and wife focusing on the joy in between

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