2.1) Setup dev environment

Hi everyone.. After choosing the app idea and making wirerames for the blog app, the next task is to setup the dev environment. The dev environment is basically the platform and tools required to run local development. I am working on Windows 10 so I have to install dev environment using Git-bash.

Git-bash is a Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) which works in Windows, allowing the use of Linux commands while working in Windows, no need to format your PC and install Linux, etc


Below are the steps I have done it. I followed the video which was provided on hasura Internship tasks blogpost link.

  1. I downloaded the latest (2.13.3) 64-bit version of Git for Windows from this link which was 37 MB file.
  2. I opened that exe file and followed instruction and video.
  3. Finally exited from git bash.

Below are few screen shots while downloading and installing.

use from bash only
launched it
first time opened git bash show user name
after typing ls command show this screen.

This is how it was completed in my next blog I will explain about learning git.

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