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Back 2 Skool

Amal Bansode
Jul 30, 2018 · 4 min read

Alas, my great summer break is now over. Summer break was a fun time for many reasons. Mostly, it was just being away from school and studying that made it so enjoyable.

I have a knack for staying away from anything remotely related to academics during any school break. Like every other beginning-of-break, I was super determined to study and remain productive. I even cleaned and rearranged the furniture in my room to make space for my study desk. Such wishful thinking.

This aim subsided soon as I found myself immersed in the world of YouTube and Medium. I probably spent a good deal of my time just watching planes take off and land. Don’t ask me what’s up with that. There’s just something satisfying about the Boeing 777–300ER. I’m not going to share my RescueTime stats with you, but I can tell you my productivity score is around 50%


I happened to read a few books as well. Super interesting. More on those sometime later. I really want to review them.

That said, I’m half happy and half “meh” to be back in School. It’s a pretty fun place to live in, especially around this time of the year.

  • There are only two levels of water temperature at which you can bathe:
    One, searing-hot-welcome-to-hell-your-body-is-melting level hot;
    and two, freezing-cold-welcome-to-the-Arctic-Ocean-here’s-an-icepack-for-your-entire-body level cold.
    The latter is only bearable if your body is warm from exercise. Else, count “three…two…one…”, and jump into the shower. And try not to scream.
  • We’re currently in the midst of the monsoon/rainy season. During this time, drains usually become rivers, and the football fields house hundreds of puddles (lakes, actually). The puddles ensure your football will roll no more than ten meters on the ground.
  • Along with the football fields, our regulation (part of the uniform 😕) sandals turn into swimming pools for bacteria and fungus as they get filled with rainwater. With all due respect, I have no idea what the designers of these sandals were thinking when they created an embankment of rubber lining the sides of our sandals. Ughhhhhhhhh. This wins the prize for pet peeve in the rainy season. To add to the discomfort, the sandals also create squeaky sounds when wet — the perfect way to attract attention in a quiet academic building. Thanks.
Whose idea was this??? -_-
  • The School’s Yearbook’s completion deadline is nearing, meaning the design team and I have to work even longer hours to perfect the mammoth publication. Yearbook design usually makes us zombies (being awake till 3 am throughout a week is no joke), and leaves us “having feelings for our own designs”, as one of our team members said.
  • Mid-year examinations are looming closer, and owing to my lack of studying over summer break, I have to work 200% harder now. This probably means I may not be able to write as much, but understand I’m still alive okay. Exams are only fun because I have two possible feelings after an exam: “Cooooool totally aced it”, or “Hahahaha I don’t even know what I was doing help-me-Lord-please”. Sometimes I’m a mix of both, but regardless, I’m pretty ecstatic after every exam.
  • The food deserves a special mention. Gravy is basically composed of immiscible substances, with the water always separating from the denser parts of the gravy (masala, spices, and other magical ingredients!).

That said, if you were to ask me how many swimming pools are on campus, I’d have no clue. There’s the actual swimming pool, the pools in our sandals, the pools on the football field, and our gravy-filled plates in the dining hall.

The Pool School.

Anyway, I still love my school, and don’t you dare irrationally insult it in my presence.

I honestly hope that I won’t die of too many anxiety attacks this semester. Oh, also, did I mention college applications?

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