Love is just another four-letter word in the narcissist’s universe.

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It’s all going swimmingly.

Romantic dates with roses, chocolates, expensive restaurants and jewellery. Love is in the air. Or so it seems.

Those three little words can mean so much to those who hear them, but what do they really mean in the rise and fall of relationships — especially in a relationship with a narcissist?

Growing up with a narcissistic mother, my experience of love was fraught. I didn’t want to be loved, especially not by her. There were always long, prickly, tangled strings attached. From early on in our relationship, before I had the words to describe it, I internalised a sense of shame — of not being good enough. …


Amanda Robins

Writer, artist, psychotherapist & seeker of the Snitch. Download my free ebook here: https://mailchi.mp/amandarobinspsychotherapy.com/narcissistic-mother-ebook

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