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Amber the Alchemist


A closer look at the “Mirror” card in the Awakened Soul Oracle deck by Ethony.

“Uhambo” (or the Chariot) meaning “the journey” or “traveling forward” in the Xhosa language serves as a wake-up call to zoom past our fears and worries, trusting that we are not only divinely guided but divinely protected. Amplifying last week’s message of taking one step forward, we are urged this week to courageously soar and claim what we want for ourselves.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, a reflection of someone who is “not ready yet” may appear, but the only way to see someone who is ready is to get ready. …

As always, may you receive these messages with love.

Read your sun/moon/rising signs for the most accurate guidance!

Virgo: Two of Pentacles

Your vessel is calling on your love + attention this month. Release the shackles of judgment that’s been keeping you stagnant. Accept the beauty of your body through each phase of your life, our temples are designed to carry us through birth, heartbreaks, depression, etc. Appreciate all of the emotional, physical, spiritual + mental weight that your vessel has moved you through. Our connection with our bodies manifests through our material world, + how we choose to foster that connection impacts us…


The Action oracle card in the “Awakened Soul” Deck by Ethony.

When you are struck by the bow of divine inspiration this week, you’re called to hit the pedal and push through! The real magick happens when you are able to feed your desires, and curiosities, through pursuit and stepping out of your comfort zone. Your heart may be swelling with passion, so the push from Spirit comes from immediately answering your inner-calling and moving with faith and persistence. If you leave too much room (or time) to question those urges, you may talk yourself out of a good thing. Air signs — Gemini, Libra, Aquarius especially — this is the…


The Rebirth oracle card from the Ethony Awakened Soul oracle deck.

As new beginnings greet us at our doorstep, we must trust the intense transformation impacting our day-to-day and future. This week’s guidance is a continuation of last week’s message, emphasizing shedding skin and releasing anything that feels burdensome.

Most people are fearful of death because of the uncertainty of what’s on the other side. That curiosity (and fear) is a shadow that chases us, especially when we are intuitively sensing the end of a cycle near us. It can be nerve-wracking knowing that change is coming, and being completely left in the dark about what to expect on the other…


The Exile card shows a person sitting solo in the light of the full moon. Akamara tarot.

Whether you can feel it or not, the tides are changing, my loves. Last week’s Lions Gate Portal and New Moon continues to push us into a reality of social connectedness, future bliss, sovereignty, ancestral healing, spiritual ascension and so much more!

When we are treading new territory, we must put in the work to ensure the doors that no longer need to be open are closed so that we can confidently walk into this new timeline with a clear mission, a fresh perspective, connection to our guides and deep resonance with our soul path.

This week’s medicine comes through…

Spirit Medicine

The Grounding card. Image: Ethony’s Awakened Soul Oracle Deck

Each of us has access to insight and wisdom from our ancestors, spiritual guides, elders, or mentors to push us closer to cementing our next steps of evolution and growth. Keep all eyes open and your favorite grounding practice on deck to receive their medicine this week.

Sunday, August 8, is actually the Lion’s Gate Portal. Astrologer Tamisha Monet says this:

For the Lions Gate Portal to be activated, the Sun has to align with the star Sirius which is bigger and brighter than our own Sun. In numerology, 8 is a powerful number that represents infinity, power, divine connection…

Month Ahead Energetic Predictions for All Signs

As always, may you receive with love🤍 Take what resonates, release what doesn’t.

Read your sun/moon/rising signs for most accurate guidance.

Leo- 3 of Pentacles

You’ll be sharing the light this month, Leo, as your calendar will be filled with group activities + celebrations. Prepare to extend your essence, talents + gifts through conscious connections + collaborations. Each person has their own individual light to shine, don’t be afraid to allow others to get the spotlight every once in a while. Though you’ll be working alongside others, there is a leadership role that you’re being guided into…

Spirit Medicine

Magic. Image: Awakened Soul Oracle Cards by Ethony

Happy August, beautiful souls! I’m so happy to share that this upcoming week will be overflowing with wealth, generosity, miracles, and magic. What a rich way to begin the month!

For the third week in a row, the six of cowrie extends its message of expansion and collective abundance. Check out last week’s and the prior week’s Spirit Medicine for more tea.

Full transparency: When I pulled the six of cowrie this week, I slid it back into the deck hoping to share a message. But guess what? It flew right back out two seconds later. …


6 of Cowrie reminds us that reciprocity is everything. You give. You get. Akamara tarot.

The energy surrounding the collective is an extension of last week’s message, with the 6 of Cowrie reminding us that reciprocity is every damn thing! The medicine asks us to extend our wisdom and knowledge to our respected communities, but with that action comes the necessity of exploring the balance between service and protecting our energy. This week, part of your responsibility will be enforcing clear boundaries to ensure your needs are met and that you are prioritizing what’s most valuable to you — be it your time, finances, knowledge, resources or mental health.

My biggest challenge since stepping into…

Spirit Medicine

Knowledge card from the Awakened Soul oracle deck

When I pulled Knowledge this week, I was immediately directed to the pursuit of childhood curiosity. As a part of my inner child healing, I’m continuing to be led by my natural curiosity, the part of me that investigates first and trusts late. Spirit encourages you to do the same this week by falling into an inquisitive state of being. Be led by a new world of information and knowledge; new books await to inspire your next artistic creations, healing journeys, and academic careers.

With so much to learn and be brought into perspective, we can learn from anyone to…

Amber the Alchemist

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