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Happy New Year family! There’s something about an energetic reset that makes me feel so relieved. Each day we have a chance to start over + do different, but the New Year always feels like a clean slate. …


Some folks use notebooks to review the old year and plan for the new year. Do you? Image: Getty

You don’t need a crystal ball to tell you that the past two years have been a whirlwind, to say the least. No matter how hard some people have tried to separate themselves from the Collective, the pandemic — along with political, social, and economic changes — became a bridge…


Taking a spiritual bath is an effective way to cleanse and ground your energy before the new year. Image: Getty

“Know thyself.”

It sounds simple, but with so much influence around us, are we truly honoring all that we feel? For this New Year’s exercise, I pulled the King of Cups card for the collective, and this card invites us to investigate our emotional bodies without judging ourselves or others…


The Challenge oracle card from the Awakened Soul oracle deck by Ethony.

The cards pulled for this week’s message are oracle card Challenge and tarot card Onija Cane.

As we move closer to the end of 2022, Spirit swoops in, throwing a surge of energy our way so we can push through obstacles and confront our limitations.

Onija Cane charges at us…


The Sanctuary card by Ethony.

Where can you retreat to when the tides flowing are too much to bear? When you’re in desperate need of inner peace? Where is your safe space?

For me, it’s my altar space, which has changed many, many times over the years. When I think back throughout time, we’ve all…

As always, may you receive these messages with love. Keep what resonates, release what does not.

Read your sun/moon/rising signs for the most accurate reading.

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This week’s spiritual guidance asks you to lean into your ancestors and make a move on your future.

The Uhambo, or chariot card, from the Akamara tarot deck.

“What you seek will always find you.”

Carry those words with you this week. Last week’s Spirit Medicine message of rest and recovery hit the nail on the head because this week…


The elder tarot card from the Akamara deck

Stored within us are the lessons + wisdom not only from our ancestors, but from past experiences and past lives. This week, Spirit brings our attention to the ways in which we so often trust in the wisdom of our loved ones without honoring our own wisdom first.

For this…

Amber the Alchemist

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