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Ambrose Little
Jan 29, 2017 · 5 min read

I’ve been making software professionally since the late nineties, in companies ranging from tiny shops to large enterprises, making both internal corporate and commercial software.

I’m currently a senior software engineer GLG. I like to say we are like between subject matter experts and companies that need their unique insights. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been mostly developing React with Node server side and a gargantuan SQL Server data source. We have a strong focus on quality, which includes a good bit of query performance tuning.

Most recently prior to GLG, I was at CentralReach, which provides practice and learning management software to folks in healthcare who focus on helping kids with autism. What I loved about CR was working for a place that helps those folks better serve those kids, and of course the technical challenges and good people to work with are what make the day-to-day enjoyable.

My current tech focus is strongly on the front end with React, MobX, and of course the usuals of HTML5+, CSS3+, JavaScript, jQuery, etc. I also work on the full stack building REST/Web API services with Node, .NET/C#, SQL Server, and ServiceStack.

Not too long ago, I was the (first) director of engineering at a great little company called TelTech. They hack the mobile phone experience with apps that give people more control of what happens with their phone calls. I led a small but dedicated team of great engineers responsible for the whole kit and caboodle. And for almost a decade before that, I worked at Infragistics, a commercial software vendor with a long history in UI and UX tools for software developers and designers, where I served in many roles over the years, ending up as the director of product development for over 90 software developers in their developer tools division.

In my time I’ve held many roles spanning most disciplines in software development: developer, architect, product manager, interaction designer, and more. (See LinkedIn below for the whole history.) I’ve worked in and led software efforts in many contexts and many stacks, and I always love tackling new challenges.

In my free time, I like growing my beard, spending time with my wife and kids, smoking meats, brewing beers, and just generally chillin out.

People Say That I’m…

  • A thoughtful, fun-loving but immensely driven guy who really cares about the people who work with and for him as well as making awesome things with them.
  • Something of a perfectionist, but reasonably so.
  • A great writer. (No really. I have actually heard this many times. They also joke about my verbosity. It’s a Known Issue.)
  • A peacemaker — tries to listen to all sides and to be fair and help others to see each other’s perspectives.

When I Grow Up…

I want to either make some software or write a book (or both) that has a lasting impact and contribution to humanity.

Other Writings

Selected Writings by Ambrose Little

  • Professional ADO.NET 2: Programming with SQL Server 2005, Oracle, and MySQL — Wrote a few chapters for it, the most interesting being the custom ADO.NET Data Provider, which was an ADO.NET to LDAP/Active Directory mapping layer that allowed for SQL- like queries to be issued rather than the obtuse LDAP syntax.
  • ASP.NET 2.0 MVP Hacks and Tips — Part of a horde of ASP.NET MVPs contributing. I authored the Cache Hacks chapter that showed how to create an object- oriented cache for ASP.NET as well as a cache viewer (similar to ELMAH).
  • Silverlight 1.0 — I was involved from very early with Silverlight, and wrote this together with my co-workers at Infragistics. I wrote the chapter on coding with JavaScript and XAML as well as using Silverlight with ASP.NET.
  • Silverlight 3 Programmer’s Reference — This started as a Silverlight 2 book, but they outpaced us shipping, so it became 3. I wrote the chapters on Silverlight architectural tour, styling and dealing with resources, using services (including HTTP-based and sockets), cross-cutting concerns, and “making the app come alive” — about events, responding to user input, personalization, and internationalization.

I’ve written so many articles and blog posts that I lost track long ago, but here is a sample.

This blog is my most recent professional blog. You may also find my blogging at:


I was awarded Microsoft MVP for eight consecutive years, 2003–2010. The first few awards were in ASP/ASP.NET, then Software Architect, then Client App Dev, and finally ending with a few years of Silverlight.

I have been an ASPInsiders member since 2003. Originally it was a peer-based excellence recognition program partnered with the Microsoft Web platforms team.

Inducted into the INETA International Speakers Bureau (now defunct) in 2006. This was a select group of recognized speakers on Microsoft .NET technologies.

Let’s Connect!

I’m always happy to meet new folks.

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