Shopping smarter as a path to a satisfying life

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Let’s get philosophical: what is shopping? Specifically shopping for clothing. What are we doing when we are performing this particular act? Picking something out, trying it on your body, deciding that the value it provides is greater than or equal to the money you have to fork over to posses it, then choosing when and where to wear it is a highly personal process dictated by your personal style.

Whether you think of yourself as “stylish” or not, you do have personal style. Everyone who makes a decision about what to wear each day has it. When asked why personal…

Guidelines for Shopping Better: Part 1

I’ve spent a lot of time shopping poorly. I shudder at the memories of the wasted money, the dresses I never wore, the sweaty, harried frustration of trying on a dozen pairs of jeans that don’t fit. Oy. A few years ago I layered on an ambition to shop in a sustainable and ethical way whenever possible, which added a complicated new dimension to the chaos. But I’ve emerged from these trials a more thoughtful and successful shopper so I thought I’d share my process in a series of posts (in no particular order).

Part 1: Shopping By The Numbers

Shopping tends to get overwhelming because…

For the last few years, H&M has publicized their clothing recycling program with their edgy “Bring It” campaign. One commercial is narrated by a raspy-voiced woman giving a breathless, poetic list of the types of unwanted clothing they accept. The montage of young people in the super fun (yet clothing-ruining) chaos of everyday life is shot in the shallow focus, desaturated style of a heavily filtered Instagram post. Nods to millennial values such as acceptance of gender fluidity, experiences over things, and an embrace of racial and cultural diversity complete the picture.

The message of this ad? Encouraging us to…

If you don’t work in software development it’s possible you’re unaware of a revolution that started with the publication of the Agile Manifesto in 2001. It completely redefined how software teams worked. Agile is now practiced by most modern technology teams, and has led to countless great products along the way. I can confidently guarantee most apps on your phone were built by an Agile team.

The basic idea was a rejection of its predecessor, Waterfall Methodology, where the steps of building and launching software are sequential. Each step flows into the next… kind of like a waterfall. …

Mia Otte

Head of Product at Moda Operandi by day. Champion of sustainable and ethical fashion by… other parts of my day.

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