Best practices on how to successfully enter the job market.

An approach to a designer design-thinking process. Case study.

Do you remember when you just finished your degree and wanted to start working? Did you know all the basic knowledge as how to build a cv, face an interview or fill your Linkedin? Did you ask your siblings or friends about it? First coach gives teenagers/recent graduates resources to learn the basic knowledge before entering the job market on their own mobile phone.

This is a project done while attending the UX/UI design Ironhack Bootcamp. …

An approach to a designer design-thinking process.

A few days ago I presented my project YOUGO, it was a 1 week individual project about designing a new software as a service (SaaS) desktop web app for companies to use internally and I presented it at IRONHACK in Barcelona.

I started doing research on the market and meeting with employees to determine the needs of the business, where I found insights about holidays and then developing an MVP based upon my findings. …

IRON HACK Case Study

A few days ago I presented my project about adding a new feature for Wallapop App at IRONHACK in Barcelona. It was a 5 day individual project.

Wallapop app is currently used to sell and buy items and users are used to bargain the price by talking on the app chat. It’s and app used mostly in Spain to sell / buy different items as tools, clothes, furniture...

The new feature that I was ordered to add was the rent filter for users. My idea was to know better why would Wallapop users need to rent…

IRON HACK Case Study

A few days ago I presented my Physical Wellness App at IRONHACK in Barcelona. It was a 5 day individual project, two of them were weekend, with the broad topic of Wellness and with the main broad goal of improving people’s day-to-day lives. My idea was to take it to the gym topic to narrow it a little bit and I came up with an improvement to gym users which let them go to the gym wherever they are on the city and learn how to plan their workouts.

To sum up, I started doing some…

For this final deliverable we were asked to choose one University website between a large list and prepare an extended usability report.

University of Connecticut

The chosen university is the University of Connecticut.

UConn is a public land grant, National Sea Grant and National Space Grant research university in Storrs, Connecticut, United States.

UConn was founded in 1881 as the Storrs Agricultural School, named after two brothers who donated the land for the school. It has 30,000 students, including more than 7,000 graduate students, on its six campus.

This exercise from the UX/UI bootcamp on Iron Hack consists on helping the WHOLE BANK company by practicing the design Thinking methodology. Whole bank is a bank based in Massachusetts, USA. They have discovered that credit/debit card system is no longer functional for travelers customers.

They have developed a mobile application. They log in using personal credentials or their fingerprints (in smartphones that allow this technology). They then get access to their financial information and they can perform several tasks in the application — like creating wire transfers, blocking lost/stolen cards, and even applying for a loan.


I have interviewed…

Last year I’ve seen my work mate working with Invision but I have never work with it. I found it very intuitive and easy (at first sight). But there’s a lot of new things that we haven’t used yet.

My first exercise with Invision:

  • When you first enter to the EMOV App there’s an image and then appears the Menu. Here you can choose either Log in/Sign up or going directly to the map by the right zone.
  • Whether you choose Log in or Sign Up, the next screen you’ll see is the main Map.
  • On the Map you have three options. First is going back to menu. Second, filter the map for a more specific one by tapping the oil icon or finally, by clicking on the loupe and you’ll see the characteristics of the zone you have previously filtered.

Link to Invision EMOV App

Another exercise was from the EMOV App. We have to do simple wireframes of 7 screens.

As a graphic designer to copy these two screens wasn’t so hard to do. It was time to found a correct typography and an appropriate background. I’ve used website and to look for different icons and photographies.

This is an Exercise using Sketch App.

I am familiar with this tool, because of I’ve been working on that tool during the whole year 2017–2018 on my last work. What is true is that if you want to illustrate something with a bit of complexity is easier to use Adobe illustrator but, if the exercise requires “simple” forms, sketch is a good tool to use for.

The exercise wasn’t difficult for me, the interfase is easy to understand and shortcuts are similar to Illustrator.

What I would like to learn about this tool are tricks and things more specific to make it more easier and quickly to use.

Aida Martínez Espún

Friendly Product Designer from Barcelona.

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