If you’re thinking of leaving GC World, this guide is for you. Anyone who wants a better understanding of what’s happening in the movement could also benefit.

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“The Way Out” by Amy Dyess, copyright 2020

You’ve seen red flags in the gender critical movement, and they’ve created a tug of war within your heart. I’ve been there. I get it. That’s why I wrote this guide to help you make a GC exit when you’re ready.

Three of the key themes we’ll focus on:

. Reconnection

. Protection

. Recovery


This is the story of how I was recruited into the gender critical movement, what key players I worked with, and how I left.

NOTE: Since this is a public interest story, and I own the rights to all messages that appear, I’ve blacked out names from the actual images so I can use them in this article. I’m a whistleblower who’s been publicly accused of lying and madness by powerful gender critical women, and I have the right to present my evidence. …

What happens when a lesbian goes against the GC herd? They crucify her. I’ve been experiencing that myself for speaking up about the homophobia, misogyny, and extreme transphobia in the gender critical movement. This story is about the lesbian who woke me up from the GC spell.

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Photo taken at L.A. Pride 2014

In theory, gender critics are concerned with how trans rights impact women’s rights. The problem is I’ve yet to see clear arguments not based in fear or bigotry. If there are any, reasonable voices have been drowned out by GC influencers, such as Posie Parker and her crew.

In June 2019, one brave lesbian stood up and finally showed receipts on Parker that women needed to see. I’d heard rumors that PP was harmful to various minorities, but no one ever had receipts. Then Bryn Morris stepped up. …


Beau Dyess

Writer. Director. Cajun. Born on the bayou. Living in Seattle.

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