I feel like a ghost.

I’m at work and I can’t focus. I can’t seem to be rational about anything these days. In an attempt to calm myself down, I decided to start writing this blog post. Penning thoughts down on paper has always helped me cope with bad feelings.

It has been 6 months and anxiety keeps creeping in. It’s as if when I finally have nothing to worry about, anxiety whispers “uh, but have you really thought about this?”. …

Written in bed on my phone with very low light

It’s 9:30 PM. My father just called. It’s not what he said, it’s what he didn’t say. I think he wanted to hear the news about my job search. Still, I had no answer to give him or to give to myself for that matter. After that short phone call, I couldn’t deal with anything anymore. I think we’ve all felt this once... No matter how early in the day it is, you know that day is screwed. I wanted to hit restart and fast forward to the next morning.

I’m sharing this with you because I know there’s…

Why I use notebooks as my main tool for creation and how to find a note-taking workflow that works for you.

Having worked at Microsoft (which literally has its own note-taking app called OneNote) and being friends with complete tech nerds, you might ask yourself: Why is Ana still using a notebook? “Haven’t you heard of Evernote? Simplenote? Trello?”. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely see the appeal with these apps. In fact, I’ve used some myself. For example, I use Trello to keep track of content I want to include in my Sunday Newsletter.

Nevertheless, there’s something to be said about the number of successful entrepreneurs and creators who use/used notebooks as their bibles: Richard Branson, Tim Ferris, Marilyn Monroe…

and a love letter to the gaming community

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It’s been little over a week since I left Xbox and Microsoft altogether. I’ve mentioned my wish to write this letter to a lot of people, but it took me a while to get these sentences together as these 12 months were so intense and I can’t stress enough the impact its had on me. For better or worse, I have become nerdier, have an impressive collection of tech gear and way too many Xbox games 🤷

I really do believe I had one of…

and that’s fine if you don’t care about growing your profile.

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Might be a little late here, but I believe I can provide some value on top of the existing best practices regarding Instagram Stories. I have been posting to Stories almost every single day for the past 6 months and I’ve been told that my stories are quite entertaining. Too bad… I’ve come to believe they are so now I feel entitled to call out some bad stories out there 👎

I want to be clear about what I said in the beginning: Anyone is…

A couple of stupid but very true ideas leading to extra cash at the end of the month.

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In the last 2 months, I bought some pretty cool stuff… a webcam, a mic arm, a headset and The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Expansion. I told myself the best way to make up for the tech-craze-money-spending-event would be to actually double up on work and make the best out of all this gear by live streaming and podcasting more often, instead of living the 🌶️ Zomato life.

Coachella — Worth your money because it’s an experience.

In the meantime, I started coming up…

A story about what I learned while trying to launch it

Screenshot from my personal YouTube Channel
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Last Easter, I was struck by the idea of creating a Music YouTube channel with 2 other people. We were going to create a channel that celebrated music, no matter the style. Sharing our taste, criticising tracks, learning more about music, the world and ourselves along the way. I named it 52 Music Deck. We had it all planned out, believe me.

In the meanwhile, because the team was supposed to be in every video and I was only coming back to Lisbon in September…

I really have no justification as to why this is the chosen picture for this article, other than it features my Blue Yeti microphone and things that make me… me.

Living abroad in a city that didn’t have that much to do, sorry Southampton…gave me a lot of time to question what would be the next steps of my career. Here’s what I knew:

I knew I wanted to become someone influential in the Marketing sphere in Portugal;

I knew I wanted to inspire people to unapologetically be themselves;

I knew I wanted to be heard and remembered;

I knew whatever I was doing at the moment wasn’t going to be enough.

My actions weren’t matching my goals, not enough.

SPOILER: If you happily fit in a box, then you’re probably not that interesting.

Picture by Me
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Yes, that is a drawing of mine. I decided to challenge myself to do my own cover photo. I am not talented at drawing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to draw or enjoy drawing. This is the basic premise for this article.

Looking back at 22 years of life, I was a lot of things. I was a WWE fan, a KPOP fanatic, a soccer player, a gamer girl, a songwriter. …

10 ideas to grow your brand using the hottest podcasting platform

Article cover by me. Original picture by Igor Miske.
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You might have heard some scary news about Soundcloud recently (they’re safe… for now?). I’m giving you an alternative. A disruptive way to interact with your podcast listeners and distribute your content to multiple platforms with just 1 click. No experience in podcasting? Even better!

I introduce you to Anchor, “Make cool audio, right from your phone”. If you’re an artist with a YouTube channel featuring 5 live covers with 100 views each, this might be just what you were looking for. …

Ana Guerra

Communications & Community Manager @ GOATPixel and music addicted person living the fandom life. I write about people, tech, marketing and entertainment.

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