Tales & takeaways from the wild, wild world of collaborative workshopping

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Why another canvas?

Product development is a holistic process. It’s comprised of a number of moving pieces, whether they be people, features, or the hopes and dreams of client teams. This canvas adds structure to the chaos, and has become a central artifact in our variable design process at TWG. It can be applied to problems and businesses of all types and sizes. We use it when kicking off a new feature or product to inspire team alignment, and mitigate long-term risk.

By dusting off the granular details at the onset of a new project or product, we avoid stakeholder misalignment and tough conversations mid-way through, when tensions are high and resourcing is limited. …


Andréa Crofts

Director of Design at @joinleague, previously @TWG. Chapter Lead @hexagonUX Toronto. Designer by the sun, illustrator and code tinkerer by the moon.

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