The city is a virus hotspot, with the Black community at its center

While Anna Lawson, 30, is not on the front line of crucial medical care in Detroit, she is one of the workers who was assigned to call hospital staff to give them their test results, back when testing was harder to come by. “Even if they tested negative on the…

Here’s how to interpret and navigate all the negative health news

EEvery day we are reminded of the sheer volume of things that, according to studies, negatively impact women of color. You name it, it hurts us. From alcohol and traffic accidents to toxic masculinity and certain nail polishes, between the reporting of personal anecdotes or outright studies, there is often…

How Lucky We All Were to Witness That Kind of Greatness

Greatness. I am not an expert on Muhammad Ali or sports. I know little about his record as the best boxer ever. But I know the impact he had on little black kids of the 60s. When I was…

Andrea King Collier

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