One of the most annoying things about homescreens is that they either look good in landscape or portrait, but not both. On iOS it’s less of a problem as the homescreen there is equally ugly regardless, but on Android it matters more as widgets and more advanced positioning and grid settings often don’t translate well to a different orientation.

KLWP can be a huge help here. …

In most cases, the relationship between Tasker and Kustom Live Wallpaper Maker is one where Tasker sends data to KLWP, and KLWP triggers tasks in Tasker. The former is easily solved using the Tasker plugin or the JSON method I posted, while the latter can be done by using a Touch action with a Tasker shortcut. Sending dynamic data from KLWP to Tasker is however less intuitive, but not difficult.

To be frank, there are probably several ways to do this, but I just went with my first instinct: AutoApps. João Dias has a tendency to provide solutions to my problems a year or so before I know I need them. In this case, the solution is AutoTools.

In a previous post I went over over how awesome JSON is as a tool for Tasker. That post laid the groundwork for talking about something I briefly mentioned in my first post about Kustom Live Wallpaper Maker: using JSON to send large amounts of data to KLWP (and presumably its sibling, Kustom Widget Maker/KWGT).

KLWP has a Tasker plugin, but this plugin is basic to say the least. It lets you set a KLWP variable, and that’s it. It’s very useful for some things, like toggles or short pieces of information, but for large arrays and whatnot it’s not ideal. …


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