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This is my very first post on Medium and my first blog post since long time. I am quite active on various social channels sharing the latest trends and news, a lot of pictures via Instagram and so on — BUT writing a post that matters to myself is a total different story. This alone leads me to a huge respect for all authors who are already taking their time and guts to publish their own thoughts on the web and especially here on Medium.

Which leads me back to my headline. For quite some time I have the impression that our society isn’t talking so much about their idols anymore — it seems to be much more in vogue to shout out what a great person I am and how clever I am and how influential. Partly this is fuelled by the industry I am working in — who helped professionalize those influencers as a commercial business. …


“I will go anywhere — as long as it’s forward. Provided that in doing so, it’s a change for the better!” 🚀 #CoFounder & #CIO of 💚 #agentofchange

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