It may sound unintuitive, but you can find your niche by avoiding specialising

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One of the most common pieces of advice for creatives is they need to find their niche. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about writing, photography, music, etc. The recurring theme is you should focus on a smaller area if you want to thrive. Maybe it’s the subject matter or genre. In other cases, it might be you should determine your style. All of this boils down to the same theme though, narrowing your focus, and finding your niche.

Refuse to be defined

I’ve defied this conventional wisdom, and I think you should too, at least at the start. I’ve been fighting defining my…

My journey in learning to perfect the original cocktail

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When I first got into drinking whisky, I focused on drinking it neat, or with only a little water added. After some time, I started to be interested in whisky cocktails as well. There’s one classic that I had to master, the old fashioned.

The old fashioned is arguably the original cocktail. The earliest definitions for the word cocktail define it as a mixture of spirits, bitters, and sugar. In other words, the recipe for an old fashioned. The cocktail gets its name from this idea. When other cocktails became available, you’d ask for an old fashioned cocktail, the original.

Choosing a whisky

First you need to identify the cause of the block, then you can address it

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I woke up this morning to discover T.S. Johnson had included me in her weekly roundup of writing advice. I was thrilled to get the additional boost on an article I thought was quite good. She did, however, point out one specific gap with my story.

“While not specifically written as a way to beat writer’s block, this is the way to beat writer’s block. If you’re struggling to find ideas to write about, this is the article for you.”
- T.S. Johnson, “Med Daily | Writer’s Workshop | 004

This comment got me thinking the perfect follow-up was to…

My tone has changed since my twenties, does that mean I’ve lost my edge?

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My friend Traverse Davies commented he’d noticed a change in me since I’d move to the UK. He said I’m not as edgy or controversial anymore. Okay, specifically he said I’d become more “politically correct”.

Was he right?

I think he’s both right and wrong. I remember how I was in my twenties and early thirties. I was highly opinionated. I wouldn’t necessarily go so far as to say I was arrogant, the best phrase I’d use to sum myself up from that time would be, “strong opinions, weakly held”.

I was, and still am, someone who can form opinions very quickly. I’ll…

Stop stealing other people’s images for your articles

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Medium has a pretty clear set of terms of service saying you need to have the rights to use any images. What’s a little more disappointing is they don’t enforce that. I get it, that’s going to be difficult with the sheer volume of articles going up every day.

They’ll at least require you attribute the source of the images, and that can impact curation. I’ve not seen this applied 100% of the time, but it’s a good start.

Here’s the thing, I still see tons of people posting images with no source information. …

The basic functionality that nearly nobody gets right

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I get that new features are sexy. But there’s one thing I wish nearly every app team would drop everything to fix. That one thing is app notifications. Seriously, it’s 2020 now, why do app notifications still have to suck so much?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, the list goes on and on. Guys, please fix your notifications. You have talented developers working for you; how is this still a problem?

What is the problem?

I suppose I should take a step back and define what the issue is. Let’s use Facebook as an example. How many times has this happened to you? You see…

Keeping them in your head is a recipe for disaster

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Yesterday morning, as I was getting ready to head back to work after the holiday, I started mulling over an idea for a new story to write. I started working through the concept and organising my thoughts into how I would structure the story.

I find when inspiration hits me like this, a few other ideas will bubble to the surface as well. That’s what happened to me this morning. I came up with another idea for a completely different article.

Then I made a critical mistake. I bent over to tie my shoes. I was still a little tired…

Learning the cuisine during your trip enriches your experience

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Inside the pizza oven. Photo by the author

One of the best ways to experience a different culture is through their food. For me, it’s one of the great joys of travelling. If you’re like me and like to cook as well as eat, then taking a cooking class on your next trip can be a fantastic experience.

When I lived in Southeast Asia, I’d wanted to take the time to learn some of the local cooking, either in Thailand or Vietnam. …

I’m comfortable with my gender, but not with what it means to be a man

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I’m a cis male. I don’t have any issues with my gender identity or suffer any gender dysphoria. I’m confident in the fact that my birth gender matches my gender identity. That said, I struggle with what it means to be a man and with masculinity.

This disconnect struck home while listening to a podcast interview with the RPG designer Brie Beau Sheldon. They were working on a Kickstarter project for a zine highlighting trans masc experiences. Beau talked about the lack of positive trans masc stories and how they wanted to change that.

While I applaud Beau’s efforts to…

I’m good at periods of intense focus, but not balancing my interests

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I’ve been on a big writing kick lately. It’s been fantastic. Every time I get back into writing, I wonder why I ever let myself slip. Some of my earliest childhood memories revolve around telling stories. I can vividly remember how much I loved creative writing assignments in school.

At the same time, I’m terrified I’m not going to be able to keep up the habit. The reason for this is I’m terrible at maintaining balance in my life.

Obsessive flurries of activity

I have multiple interests. I struggle with keeping more than one of them going at a time. Right now, it’s writing…

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