The React Conference Drinking Game

Andrico Karoulla
May 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Kicking back at React Europe with bunch of devvos? You’re all enjoying the free food, great talks and excellent wifi.

But sometimes it’s just not enough. Soaking up the knowledge is one thing, but wouldn’t you rather be soaking up some sun and sipping a cool one with the lads and lasses.

“Two men holding beer bottles cheers at sunset in silhouette” by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

Let’s make a compromise.

Grab one of the free conference beers, have the rules ready, and play along;

1 Drink

  • Someone mentions Dan Abramov
  • A speaker announces that they’re ‘running short on time’
  • A ‘State of React’ talk
  • Someone says the phrase ‘non-trivial’

2 Drink

  • Agency sponsor announces themselves as ‘not just another agency’
  • When a talk ends with ‘Don’t do this in production’
  • A speaker opens with ‘put your hands up if you’ve used X’

3 Drink

  • Talker takes a stab at rival framework (Angular/Microsoft)

Finish Drink

  • When a speaker announces ‘I’m nervous, this is my first time talking’ and the audience cheers

Bonus (Double or Nothing)

  • If there’s a live coding section you can either:
  • 1. Take a single drink now or;
  • 2. Make a decision; will it go well or go wrong? If you were right don’t drink, otherwise have two!

Take note, there may not be sufficient toilet facilities for 500 developers getting wasted from 11am, but that’s non-trivial. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and have fun.

I post regularly, so if you want to keep up to date with my latest releases then you can follow me. And remember, the longer you hold the clap button, the more claps you can give. 👏👏👏

Happy Drinking!

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The React Conference drinking game

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