This is the third part of a three-part series. In the first part, I outlined how to audit your mobile app retention efforts and in part two, I wrote about Developing the Strategy

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In the previous article, I outlined some different strategies that can be employed to increase mobile app retention. I also zeroed-in on four approaches which are particularly suitable for using CRM / Mobile Marketing Automation as a tactical lever. These are:

  • Improving Activation Rates
  • Increasing Frequency of Use
  • Increasing Feature Adoption
  • Re-Engagement of Lapsed or Churned Users

In this final part, I’ll talk about how to tackle the implementation of each of these strategies through marketing automation of Push, In-App and Email campaigns. I’ll also cover one critical pre-requisite for maximizing impact with these channels: optimizing reach. …


Andy Carvell

Co-Founder at Phiture Mobile Growth Consultancy — we help apps grow. Formerly Mobile Growth @ SoundCloud, living in Berlin, listening to techno.

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